Casio Quartz "Diver" 100 m WR 1332 MTD 1037

This little thingy...
... shocked me a bit when opening the watch first. But then I realized that it actually does what it supposed to do: move the hands with Quartz accuracy. When looking at the hands, I also started to understand why Casio chose relatively light hands. Since smaller Quartz movements have a lower output torque, it all makes sense from an engineering point of view.

Battery change
When changing the battery - a Renata 377 or a Maxwell SR626SW - please be careful! I find the lever (step 2) is very close to the coil. Also that little hole in lever obviously intended to pry it direction of the coil is a tempting trap! I normally simply open all 3 screws marked below, because this way the battery goes out very safely and I avoid sitting in the taxi for more then an hour in congested roads breathing carbon monoxide etc. Because this way I will avoid touching the coil! The single most frequent reason Quartz watches do not work after the battery change. I found many Quartz watches with cut wires. Coils are interchangeable and readily available, maybe I should stock the most frequent types at home too. My watch parts shop is simply too far away and I make trips there only if really necessary. If you are a bit careful, changing batteries in Quartz watches is really easy. Never rush if you encounter a movement with a new battery holder. Look at it carefully and then act.