Octagonal Digital Analog Data Bank

Despite or because those "Technocrat" looks
This was a long-time favorite of mine when I was still working at Digital Equipment Corporation. The 50 Memos were just enough to store a whole year's course numbers and dates (I was teaching in the Educational Services) plus the most important phone and other numbers. The watch is quite thin and very light and has a nice bracelet. Yes of course, you could call it one of those "cheapo" bracelets, but I liked the weight and the functionality plus the great readability. This is certainly a Technocrat's "Baby".
I must have played a lot with the keys, they seem to have become pretty "lame". Sometimes it is a matter of luck what the supplier of the springs did to the metal during the manufacturing process. So some springs will exhaust earlier then others. G-SHOCKs have in general better buttons, at least that is my observation ;)