Casio Multilingual Data Bank DB-37H

Great interface with 13 Languages in this little "TV Screen" Casio
The watch is very light and easy to use. If I need to walk the short distance to the tennis court, I have starting to wear this watch often. Because I it is light, has an easy to use interface and the mode button is nice to use with sweaty fingers. It sticks out and is easy to find without looking to the wrist. In Bangkok you better keep your eyes on the sidewalk!
Then only thing that is a bit tricky is to remember that the light button is in the middle of the first button row. It is recessed and not that easy to find without looking at the watch. Also the backlight is a traditional mini bulb backlight and not an electroluminescent backlight. A battery eater that means and that makes it probably OK that the light button is not that easy to find :)
The feature I really like is that the time is displayed during the chronograph function. This makes it a lot easier to see whether you have to walk faster in order to make it to the tennis court at 8 AM sharp. I also like the "TV Screen" design of the watch. With the two tone front, it reminds me a bit of an old DEC terminal. A nice gadget watch indeed.

The battery lasted an amazing 6 years. The CR2025 is in between the thinner CR2016 and the thicker CR2032. Six years battery life points to a well designed circuit in this Casio