Casio Edifice Tough Solar 5289 (Cased in China), June 2013

A nice detail
is the red ring below the polished black tachymeter bezel. There is a ring of the same color around the crown. Another nice detail: the tachymeter speeds 60 and 120 are in red. As with many Edifice, the crown guard is mirrored at the 3 o'clock side adding to the symmetrie of the watch case. The rubber band is pretty thick. It might take a bit of wearing to keep it bent to your wrist. On the left you can see some grooves on the band. These help the band to flex.
The factory rubber band meets the case without a gap. Should this band dry out and crack in a couple of years, you will have to get an original Casio replacement. A regular straight rubber band might leave gaps between the band and case.