Casio Edifice Tough Solar 5289 (Cased in China), June 2013

The dial is multi-level, but not as extreme as on other models
When I first bought the module 5165, the multi-leveled dial was one of the buying aspects. Casio called this ACTIVE DIAL design. Have a look at the 5165 wrist shot to compare the dial layout. This dial is uncluttered and for a watch with all these functions really legible. Not so easy to spot in this picture: there is a nice red ring around the crown. And there is a red ring below the tachymeter bezel. Maybe the wearer will not see that ring too often, but other people will. You get the best view of that red ring in the back picture.
The crown is signed with the Edifice logo but the buckle is unsigned. The inside of the rather massive buckle is signed STAINLESS STEEL.
There is an Edifice logo on the rubber band loop. The push buttons at 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock engage with a click in some functions like the timer. The button at 8 o'clock that selects the functions has no click action. After cycling through all the functions the watch will emit two quick beats telling you that you have arrived at the normal time function again.
The luminosity of the hands and hour stick markers is only average. Because the luminous layers are rather thin. After Seiko has released the "Monster" with thick layers of lume, we all have become accustomed to great luminosity.