Casio Edifice Tough Solar 5289 (Cased in China), June 2013

The finish of the case back is amazing!
Older Edifice models had a stamped case back with a linear brush finish. These new Edifice models come with a circular brush and laser etched inscriptions. This is something you will notice immediately: the inscriptions appear very crisp and give the feel of a much elevated quality. Have a look at the 5165 back for a comparison. Another very nice and subtle design element is the red ring on the screw down crown. And then there is some more: the functions of the push buttons are again laser etched on the back of the case. Many Japanese watches (not only Casios) had these functions inscribed on the front of the case or on the dial. Which has of course cluttered the dial or case front. This is another detail that shows that the Casio and in particular, the Edifice designs, are steadily improving.