Casio Edifice Module 5165 Stainless Steel (Cased in China), September 2011

Quality of the case back including inscriptions
Only after I bought the module 5289 in June 2013 - almost two years later - I realized how much the finish of the Edifice line had improved. An all around improvement, not just the case backs. But when it comes to case backs, it is immediately obvious. This older case back is stamped and features a linear brush. The new Edifice 5289 I bought has a nice circular brush and laser etched inscriptions. The finish quality of the new Edifice case backs is simply amazing.
I am not saying that I do not like this case back, but etched inscriptions stand out a lot more because of the way they reflect the light. Held in place by four Philips screws (cross-headed screws) a battery change will be very easy and stressless. The push button action is not as defined as one could wish. There is no "click-action".
The lugs are of the integrated variety. This might be a deal-breaker for those that wish to quickly swap the bracelet with a leather band.