Casio PGW-92 Caliber 978 - Basketball watch

I rediscovered this watch in a box in June 2007
after finally unpacking all my boxes from my arrival in Thailand in 1995. The band was a sticky mess and luckily I had some spares that Anders from Gnomon Watches had sent me earlier to try. The bands have a water resistant lining and are perfect for subtropical weather. The band is ca. 18.5 mm wide and a 19 mm would be perfect. But why bother, this strap in my eyes is perfect for this watch!
I did not re-discover the manual of the watch yet, but guessing from its dial, it must be a Basketball timer and counter watch. A nice feature is also the counter mode in which the button at 2 o'clock advances the left counter (picture) and the button at 4 o'clock advances the right counter. Thus it will be very easy to track a match's score. The four circular displays show the quarter of a minute. A small LCD segment advances for each second. This picture shows the preset countdown times of the larger sub dial at 2 o'clock. The watch has also a stopwatch with memory function. All in all a surprisingly function packed and light Casio that survived 12 years in a hot (ambient temperature) without any problems. Also kudos to Panasonic, I have not yet seen a CR20xx battery leaking in any of my multi-function watches or calculators.