Casio GIEZ Ti-Rubber GS-300 Caliber 2301, ca. 2003

Brick and mortar impulse buy - not a good one regarding longevity
All these CASIO G-Shocks look so cool in the shops. But we warned. They might expire faster than you think. This watch is one of the infamous rubber clad heads and with the worst possible watch band, a composite of Titanium and rubber. That means if the rubber starts to deteriorate, you can basically toss the watch. It will look like this very scary example.
Don't get me wrong, I am big Casio G-Shock fan as you can see from my collection. I would like if Casio would invest a bit more in longevity (material selection). Even if my G-Shocks last longer, I would still keep buying new models. I try to believe that Casio is not silly enough to assume that their business is better because their watches fall apart quicker?