Automatic with Arab Weekday

Bought this watch at the Airport Zurich-Kloten ca. 1992
At the airport you will often find specialties for travelers. I saw watches for blind, watches to remind Muslim of the prayer hours, watches that show the direction to Mekka. The Swiss jeweler shop Tuerler (they have their own watch issues like Tourneau) offers a variety of those travelers specialties.
My watch being a Candino "only" was found in a shop called "Transit" which carries mostly electronic gadgets and Swiss knives. But I liked the face of this watch and the elegant hands. And I have a preference language scripts and I think the Arab script is a very beautiful and decorative script. 25 Jewels point to an ETA 2824 most likely.
Btw. you must have noticed that stitching, yes that was me and a black felt-tip pen :-) I am not a tailor, but I tried :-)