Candino, former Biel/Bienne*, Switzerland,
now part of the Festina Group, Spain

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Note about Candino...
Candino is a so called 3rd tier watch brand in Switzerland, that means that small watch shops will be able to distribute them without big problems getting the agent ship. I got this information from a very old watchmaker, he was running a small watch repair shop and I remember he was quite bitter about those watch tiers (A-brands Piguet, Patek etc. B-Brands Omega etc. and C-Brands Mido, Candino etc. because he said as a small shop with little sales, it was impossible to get an A or B agent ship.
I remember however a question from a TZ visitor from Georgia, Candino obviously made some efforts to expand into the European East after the fall of the wall and thus has a much better brand recognition in Eastern Europe.

*Biel is German, Bienne is French, the area around Biel/Bienne is bilingual, it is great to see the majority of the people there managing both languages in perfection and it is even more pleasing to see them immediately switch the language according to the way they are addressed.