CERTINA DS Quartz, ca. 1990

If you have Patience
Then please try to disassemble this clasp. Maybe I am too clumsy, but I had at least 15 minutes to get this spring back under the clasp. The spring is one one side blocked by a spring bar and on the other side by the hooked part (left most in picture above). First, it is not easy to put the spring bar back in place, and second, I noticed that the spring would always try to pop past the spring bar. A very difficult procedure to reassemble this clasp. Wonder what the watch makers are doing if they change the battery of this watch!? Because you can barely count on the understanding of the customer that taking this bracelet apart is a pain in the neck. And most customers probably also have no clue that opening snap-on case backs requires a lot of concentration if one does not want to leave any marks.