CERTINA Automatic, ETA 2824-2, 17 Jewels, ca. 1990

How to improve the winding of a stiff winding movement (not an official method - just my shortcut!)
I am not sure how much of the stiffness of the winding can be accounted to the three un-jeweled pinions. But I noticed, that after oiling the top (visible and accessible if the case back is removed) of all 5 accessible pinions (4 un-jeweled, 1 jeweled) the winding already improved.
This is something a watch maker might not approve, but here is how I quickly reduced the winding resistance on this economy grade 2824-2

1) Opened the case back
2) Oiled all the accessible top pinions (do not put too much oil in there, use a black oiler with Moebius 9020, only little oil is necessary)
3) Used the winding tool to see all moving parts when winding and try to oil wherever these was access
4) Closed the watch and noticed that this 5 minute exercise had smoothened the winding considerably.

I am sure that some watchmaker might shake their heads upon this "amateur method". I think this movement is quite dry (maybe 17 years old) and would need an overhaul. Sinc ethe movement is so clean and new, I decided to use my shortcut in order to make the winding smoother so I can still use the watch for a couple of years before servicing it.