CATOREX, Switzerland
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CATOREX SkyDiver 300m
Caliber 2824-2
Front Side (Luminosity) Bezel Back Open Case Back From the Side Open Back Close-Up


CATOREX SkyDiver 300m
Caliber 2824-2 - Additional new shots Easter 2005
Luminosity I call this picture
Wrist Another Angle Wrist Side

About the CATOREX brand
Most likely a discontinued brand, produced also pocket watches, family owned. That is all the information I have about Catorex right now. Almost nothing on the internet about it. The brand must have disappeared together with hundreds of other brands during the "Quartz Revolution" in the 70ies.During Easter 2005, after owning the watch for 14 months, I finally found time to make some more shots of its outside.