Accutron Tuning Fork Caliber 218

Regulation an Accutron 218 Tuning Fork Caliber
There are two regulators, one at the base of each tuning fork. The regulators have 4 teeth and 3 gaps between them. Moving one regulator one tooth or gap (depending where the position is when you start) TOWARDS THE CENTRE OF THE WATCH (see picture above) will make it run + 2 seconds a day. Who could tell this better then my watch tutor Rob B.

Note that the top edge of each regulator consists of 4 flats and 3 gaps. Next to each regulator is a little dimple or dot on the tuning fork cup. Moving a regulator by the distance of one flat or 1 gap relative to the dimple will make the watch gain or lose 2 seconds a day. That means, a total variation of 14 seconds per day for each tuning fork cup is possible. However, we avoid adjusting only 1 regulator. The amount of adjustment is "spread" between the two regulators, to keep the fork in balance. For example, if the rate is 4 seconds a day out, we adjust each regulator by 2 seconds. Please see the full instructions on  The Accutron Watch Page of Rob B! Rob B's Accutron Page is considered the ultimate Accutron resource on the web and it also contains countless pictures that help you identify an Accutron.