Precisionist Claremont 96B129 with Sweep Seconds

Not a Sapphire crystal
The fact that there is no "Sapphire" inscription on the case back is almost always an indicator for a "normal" mineral crystal. A quick web searched confirmed this. This is not a problem for me as I am wearing my watches with great care. If there are activities that bear watch risks, I will switch to a beater. Or take the watch off. Because I wear even my beaters with great respect. The only wabi I can accept is from a watch that I received second hand.
I do not think that there is anti-reflective coating on this crystal, inside or out. Looking at the crystal under strong light I could not detect the bluish hue that is typical of these filters. I assume it is the curved shape that helps to avoid reflections. In this picture it looks like there is no glass.
Final words: I am extremely excited to own this watch. I always wanted one because of the movement. But now that I have studied its great design and admired the good wrist presence, I am even happier. It will be very interesting to see how Bulova continues the Precisionist line-up in the future. I think they were off to a real great start with this one.