Precisionist Claremont 96B129 with Sweep Seconds

The same attractive and sexy lines
are found on the 3 o'clock side. For me an interesting aspect is that the watch actually looks thicker than its 12.2 mm. It's probably the effect of all the rounded lines. And of course, this is not the case if the watch is on the wrist. The curves make sure it hugs your wrist without gaps. As you can see there are two bracelet pins on the links adjacent to the end-links which are not removable. At least not intended to be removed by the owner. There are two more of these non-removable links near the butterfly clasp. I am not certain about the reason behind this. I suspect it is merely a manufacturing advantage.
From the reflection you can see the food court's ceiling windows that made the light in the Destiny USA Syracuse, NY mall so perfect for taking pictures. If you are interested to see how I took these pictures, please go here. This is a snap-on case back. Other owners have reported that the battery does not last too long, sometimes it needs replacement after one year already. A reason for this might be the higher battery consumption of the three pronged Quartz oscillating at eight times the frequency of a normal Quartz (32768 Hz). Therefore it is important to know where to put the case opener. If you look closely, you can see a little extension of the case back at exactly 3 o'clock. A bit hard to see in this picture because you are looking straight at it.