Precisionist Claremont 96B129 with Sweep Seconds

The clasp is great because
it is curved as well. If you have a small wrist then you how important that is. Butterfly clasps that are not curved sufficiently do not wear nicely because they cause the bracelet to stick out. Check out this picture to see what I mean. And this is the most expensive watch in my entire collection. Also my Master Geographique has a pretty straight clasp that does not make the bracelet look too good. It seems as if Jaeger-LeCoultre designs their clasps for the big guys. The designers at Bulova, again, did a great job by providing a nicely curved clasp that fits small wrists perfectly. There is an etched Tuning Fork logo on the last link on the right side of the bracelet.
Besides the afore mentioned great ergonomics of the clasp and the solid end-links, I would like to stress another good feature of the bracelet. It is thicker than your run-off-the-mill President-style (or hammer style) bracelet. And why is that great? Because if you have a heavy watch head, you will need a heavier bracelet too. If you have a too light bracelet on a heavy watch, it will have the tendency to slide off the top of your wrist. Again, Bulova has hit the mark. The watch is 145 grams - without three links on each side - and the heavy bracelet helps to wear it very comfortably. If the balance between bracelet and watch head is good, a heavier watch will actually wear lighter.