Bracelet Sizing Tools

My first set of sizing tools was quite pedestrian. I used a watch case holder to fix the watch, that was often not very satisfactory. Then I bought a great kit in Hong Kong for HKD 50 (ca. USD 6) and this kit has complemented my sizing tools significantly. A bracelet sizing block is a "must" in any sizing tool collection, it will save you a lot of headaches because you will be able to avoid those scratches when a tools slips off. Also pushing out link bars becomes really easy. Long forgotten are the times when your link bars were occasionally "nailed" into the dining table you were working on :-)

Bracelet Sizing Tools
My 1st Set of Sizing Tools A "must have" Set If you travel with Check-in Luggage And if you have no tools at all...

the latest and probably smartest buy:

Small light but POWERFUL: A&F Bracelet Sizing Tool - Buy our tool!
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SEIKO Monster Bracelet

latest arrival:

Bracelet Sizing Pliers - Buy our tool!
Just arrived in our Hong Kong stock... the professional cousin of the bracelet sizing tool