Baume & Mercier, Geneva, Switzerland

Capeland Valjoux 7750 Chronograph, ca. 2000
Front Dial Side Dial Macro
The first shot with the E995!
Bracelet Back Wrist Another View
CapeLand GMT Alarm (the most difficult to photgraph watch in my collection)
Front/Daylight Front/Reflector cards Front/Light panel  3 E995 Close-Ups>> IXUS picture
More pictures of this watch in "Sunflowers and Reflections"
CapeLand GMT Alarm
Only available on strap from B&M, but ... more >>>
Front Top Side Top Back Wrist 1 Wrist 2
More pictures of this watch in "Sunflowers and Reflections"

Malibu Chrono
ETA (former Valjoux) 7750
E995  IXUS Front Dial Back Clasp Wrist
Shogun Quartz Dress Watch
ETA 255 411, 6 Jewels, Battery R373
 Front Back Movement Wrist
Transatlantic Chronograph, ca. 1990
Most likely a rare Lemania LWO 283 - the loupe integrated in the dial is a tell-tale
 (ETA 2892 plus Dubuis Depraz chrono module)
 Front Dial Zoom 1 Dial Zoom 2 Dial Side
LWO 283 info
Back Wrist 1 Wrist 2