Shogun Quartz Dress Watch

Besides the Baume & Mercier inscription standard ETA Cal. 955 411, Battery Renata R373
That is at least how it looks to me. Well, the color of the circuit board is black instead of the typical standard blue. Maybe there are more differences to the circuit board (gold contacts etc.) then just the color. I admit, I do not know. The successors of this movements are ETA 955 412 and 414 and sport one more Jewel totaling 7 Jewels. The battery Renata 373 had been changed to a flatter Renata 371. If you browse my quartz watches, you will find many samples of the 955 412 and 414, it seems to be a very popular choice for OEMs. E.g. Look at Bucherer, Revue Thommen, Heuer, Givenchy, Mirexal, Certina to just name a few. The ETA 955 412 seems to have been the most popular choice about 10 years ago.