Bulova, Woodside, USA
Subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co.

Bulova Precisionist Claremont 96B129
Front Side Crown Top Top 3 o'clock Clasp Back Wrist Wrist Closer
It's all about the light - See the watch hunt and the making of these pictures at the mall

The purchase of this watch in the USA
was a great shopping experience. When visiting the US in June/July 2013 I was not planning to get any new watches. It so happens that we visited the Waterloo Premium Outlets when staying in Syracuse, NY. It was a rainy day and at first it seemed that there were no watch shops amongst the hundreds of shops. Finally I spotted two jeweler shops. A Zales and Kay's shop. I found two candidates from each shop and then narrowed it down to two. I have always wanted a Precisionist because of the sweep second hand. It turned out that the Claremont model was the only Precisionist that would fit my small wrist. Thanks to the curved case and crystal the watch sits perfectly on my 6 1/2 inch wrist.
Regarding its special movement this from the Bulova website:
Most quartz watches are accurate to 15 seconds a month – Bulova Precisionist is accurate to 10 seconds a year. The key is Precisionist’s unique three-prong crystal, which produces a vibration frequency of 262.144 kilohertz (kHz), eight times greater than the usual two-prong crystal and the highest of any watch available today. If you like to know more technical details, Bulova has created a dedicated web site for the Precisionists: bulovaprecisionist.com. Interestingly the Claremont model is not listed on the Bulova web sites anymore. The Claremont model was the first Precisionist. Also one of the best looking in my opinion. And probably the only model I can wear comfortably. Quite surprising that Bulova is not listing them on the website anymore.

Bulova MarineStar 100 m
Miyota Caliber AS10, Battery Varta R399 or Renata 399 or SR927W
Please note that this is the high drain version of the very popular low drain battery Varta 395, Renata 395 or SR927SW
Front Side 1 Side 2 Back Wrist Wrist Side Bergeon 2533 Cal. AS10

Another gift from a watch buddy
Grant told me he found the watch too complicated to set and it was not really his style. He prefers Military and Diver watches. That was reason enough for him to throw this Bulova into the parcel with the Orsa MOD-like, as a gift!
The watch has a Miyota movement with Chronograph, Alarm and Dual Timezone. And, this was new for me too, an annual calendar. I thought I could do the second hand zero reset without the manual. But Grant was right, it is pretty complicated to set. But once it is set, there is not much one has to do, except to adjust for February 29th of a leap year.
The watch has a great style in my opinion, look at the pictures from the side. The bracelet, bezel and very thick mineral cyrstal form one curve. Quite amazing. Although I tried hard to avoid reflections, I think it would only be possible to create reflection free shots after trying for at least a day. And I do not have this time. Also, I did not manage to show the patterned dial. The dial is not flat ,but has a tile-like pattern.

Bulova Accutron
Caliber 218, Battery Rayovac Silver 344
Front Closer Yet Closer Dial Crown Back Movement Battery removed Regulation

A gift from my watch buddy Rob Berkavicius
Wow! What a surprise, today June 5th 2002, Rob handed me this Vintage Accutron as a gift! What a truly generous gesture. Of course I had to hold the watch immediately against my ear to hear the humming of the tuning fork. At first I could only hear the higher pitch frequency of 600 Hz, the half-beat which is created by the escapement jewels. Then I could hear the 300 Hz humming. I synchronized the watch - it is a hacking watch - to my Seiko Perpetual Calendar and it is in synch since. Rob said he had tunded the watch for -2 seconds a day in dial up position.
It is really a pleasure to see that sweeping second hand. Today on the way back, I was watching that red second hand all the way, what a joy. Yes, there is nothing sweeter then a watch surprise for a WIS :-)