BRAVUS, Nottingham, Great Britain
A watch brand by Antony Villa, launched in May 2005, did not go into production unfortunately
The website engraved on the case back is defunct at the time of writing (Mar 2009)

Baretta MOP Quartz Chronograph WR 50 m
Swiss Quartz Caliber ETA 251 272, R394
Front MOP Front Top End-Link Back Back Caseback Open Movt. ETA 251 272 Wrist Wrist Shirt

Watches that left my collection and went to friends:


Slipstream Quartz Chronograph WR 200 m
Swiss Quartz Caliber ETA G10.211
Went to a watch friend in Summer 2007
Front Dial Top Back End-link Wrist Resetting Hands
ETA G10.211


oceanic Automatic WR 200
ETA 2824-2
Went to a friend in Spring 2009
Front Wave Front Dimmed Dial Side Clasp Back Movt Wrist