Ernest Borel, since 1856, Swiss Made
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I found the Borel...
watches in Hong Kong while sourcing new additions for my watch sales site. I had always a problem with the dancing couple next to the Grandmother's clock. I found it just not very attractive. I had overlooked the watches for almost a year but then I had a closer look. I was really surprised about their quality.. Recently I had also seen in one of my watch books that Ernest Borel made fantastic Avant-garde watches in the 60ies. Wow! Never judge a watch brands from its icon, this will be a lesson for me!
Click here to see some of the fantastic vintage Borels (same page further down)! Now I got another target to hunt down... it just never ends!


Borel "Deep Blue" Caliber ETA 2824-2, bought 2003
Wave Pattern Dial and link to Dimensions Clasp and Back Wrist Wrist (2007)


Some samples of great Borel watches from the 20ies to the 70ies
I published these pictures without the prior permission from Koenemann Press. But I trust since it is only a partial photograph of two pages and since I really love that book and also own it, it will be OK. If you work for Koenemann Press and do not agree with what I wrote here, please let me know and I will remove those photographs instantly. Mail to, thank you. Borel obviously used a lot of Felsa movements at that time, later also Valjoux movements and recently of course - like almost everyone, ETA Calibers. Besides that Borel used Girard-Perregaux movements for their more expensive watches. Also Aubert movements were used for their higher end watches. Besides the afore mentioned movements, Borel used calibers from Japy Frères, Beaucourt, Rober & Cie, Fontainemelon and Mauler & Ducommun in Travers. Borel won the most prestigious Neuchatel observatory contest only 10 years after the company was founded in 1866 for the first time. Then again in 1870, 1876, 1877 and 1890. 1876 their watches were shown at the World Exposition in Philadelphia. 1946 Borel was the 2nd largest producer of certified chronometers in the world!

What a great watch history, and I feel pretty stupid that I had ignored them because I did not like their logo.