BKK WIS Meetings:

Meeting Lee from US (Seiko Lee®, not Wayne Lee), Rob B., Greg (Heat) at Emporium, May 19th, 2003

I called Rob B. in the morning of May 19th 2003 to enquire about some watch tools I was going to buy at RTB and learned that he, Rob was about to go there himself. A great gesture, just mail me the list of what you need and I get that for you. Well, I never say no to avoid a trip in the increasingly - is the economy coming back? - heavy Bangkok traffic. The carbon monoxide intake is considerable, and we do not even talk about all the other toxic fumes making Bangkok's air so heavy to digest...

What I did not not know was, that Lee had already arrived in Bangkok and we supposed to meet tonight at the TGIF/WIS combination meeting. So there it was, an unexpected WIS meeting on a Monday morning in a plush shopping mall. Now this perspective was a good start into the week already.

Here is how the meeting went, please find the text to the pictures below the pictures.

Fltr: Reto, Lee® and Rob B.

Then I suddenly remember how James M. Dowling had held his watch into the picture we took when we met last year in the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong, thus, another take was required, my watches are on the table, left, Lee sports a cool silver grey Casio G-Shock he bought in Bangkok last September and Rob's watch, well you guess now or read on...

Thais are in general friendly and helpful people, our photographer was an exceptionally friendly person and did not mind taking many shots.

Time really flies during those WIS meetings, just before noon Greg (Heat) joined us and had barely time to turn his head for the group picture ... because ... Lee® had brought him his latest toy from the US, a ... well, read on, and you will see ...

Used the white napkin as a reflector and to block the reflections of the ceiling spot lamps, the menu as a tripod and got a good shot of Rob's beautiful SpaceView. That crystal is domed and has no AR coating ... just a remark for the watch photographers ...

And here is a quick wrist shot of the Star of this meeting: a beautiful handwind Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, Greg's latest addition, at least it was last Monday

This was the end of the meeting, Greg rushed back to the office, not sure for work or to show his JLC to his co-workers. Lee had a couple of errants to run and Rob and I planned to have lunch at the British Club, which we managed to do. When we left the club around 4 PM, rain clouds suddenly pulled up and while we were trying to wave down a taxi, the first rain drops promised a lot more rain, because they were huge... We then decided to look for shelter and entered the restaurant just behind us. It was really pouring down now and we decided to continue to discuss watches. And Rob had also time to explain all the features of the new quartz circuit tester he had bought for me in the morning. So we had a good conversation in the most pleasant environment, the restaurant turned out to be the bar of the newly opened boutique hotel "222" (belongs to the adjacent Narai Hotel). And here are some pictures of the light yard of that new hotel (May 2003, USD 100 per night walk-in tariff)

I was wondering what Rob was photographing at first, I sat with the back to the garden, then I stood up and took the next picture from the position Rob is standing, a truly great interiour

OK, that was the unexpected WIS meeting of May 19th 2003. Great talks, great watches and the feeling, that watch forums are great, but can never replace the real WIS meetings.