BKK WIS Meetings:

Meeting Larry in Bangkok, 23rd October 2013

I had met Larry online more than a decade ago on the PMWF.com. When visiting the USA last summer, we couldn't meet because their was too little time. Even we switched planes in Chicago on our way back to Asia. So I was very happy and excited to finally put a face and a voice to my long-time friend. Larry is often starting the "Roll Call" (What are you wearing today?) on the forum and starts the forum day off. 80% from the visitors of the PMWF.com are from the USA, so it is the US time zones that determine when the forum is busy and new topics are posted.
Long introductions are like long speeches, no one, except the speaker maybe, likes them. So let the picture do the talking. Enjoy!

Since we are watch enthusiasts, our watches first: Larry's Citizen Caliber 2100 - a forum darling once - which he had acquired on a cruise in Alaska in 2005 at a great discount. I just recently bought the Casio AQ-S810W, an Illuminator that looks like a G-Shock but costs only a third and can be had on Amazon.com for almost 50% less than I paid brick & mortar. I think this was the first time I handled this Citizen in person and wow, this watch is really mighty and heavy. Another great tool watch by Citizen.

I learned about how to properly display watches in these meets from James Dowling many years ago in Hong Kong. If you click on this link, you will see that only James knew how the job is done. Jose's wrist is below the table and mine behind James. That is not how it is done gents!

Larry brought me this very thoughtful gift: a NHL Champions T-Shirt. Fantastic I thought and great that Larry remembered that I had been playing ice hockey for years ... a second later I remembered how passionately my daughter follows the Stanley Cup each year and that she would probably confiscate this great "T" immediately. Back home I showed the T-Shirt to my family and she grabbed it immediately with a big grin. So again, thank you Larry, your gift was spot on!

Larry told me that he had been enjoying his last Wiener Schnitzel in 2002 when visiting Egypt. So it really was high time (pun intended) to indulge once more. While the original Wiener Schnitzel is prepared with veal, we enjoyed a nice juicy pork Schnitzel, the "Poor Man's" version so to say.

In this picture, Larry displays true WISdom: "Who cares how I look in the shot, but is my watch depicted in the perfect angle?"

You can really see that two watch nuts are at work here, I wanted a WIS-Foodie shot too and brought the Casio into the view finder

Isn't this similarity amazing?

"Happy Birthday Larry!"
I was pleasantly surprised that our table reservation and the order of the cake including the lettering all turned out perfectly. I had made a phone call to the restaurant and had to converse in Thai. So I was not really one hundred percent sure until I saw the cake. "Larry" could have been spelled as "Lally", I know, the stereotypical Asian joke.

We discussed many interesting topics during our dinner. Like health for example and Larry has an amazing medical knowledge which comes as no surprise given more than 3 decades of experience in the field. Of course we also talked watches and food reality TV and we scratched the surface of so many more topics. There was simply not enough time ...
We have already agreed that the topic of our next meeting will be WW II history, something we both seem to be very interested in. Thanks again Larry for a great evening and a most inspiring conversation.