BKK WIS Meetings:

Lee's traveling SEIKO collection November 2005

I will add a people's group shot of our WIS meeting later. Coincidentally, Karl, a WIS from Los Angeles, was in town as well. After we concentrated a bit more on non-watch topics and Heineken draft during our dinner last night, today's lunch was all focused on watches again.

Lee's traveling SEIKO collection, can you guess the clock-wise sorting criteria?

Imagine, that is only Peng-Yeen's traveling collection! I really have to credit P.Y. Lee for these pictures as well. Because all the pictures on this page were actually a common effort. We had to fight a very heterogeneous mix of yellowish halogen lights, neon and candescent bulbs plus a good portion of day light. We used a dark blue menu of the restaurant as an "absorber" to get rid of all overhead lamp reflection and the traveling tripod of Lee came also very handy. Some of the shots were done freehand, but having a small tripod really makes life a lot easier and results in much crispier shots.

The first sub group. It is always nice to see comparison shots. Below you will find better pictures of the individual watches

Sub group 2

Sub group 3

Now follow individual shots of all the watches following the sort order (the solution to the question above is: chronological) in the first group picture

6105-8119 with Tritium vial indices and hands

Note how the red second and minute hand are bent to give enough clearance for the Tritium vials

A 6138 chronograph in amazing condition

Impossible to see in the previous shot, thus from the side: a bullet proof crystal!

A lovely bead blasted 6309-7049 with Yao dial and hands

Another Yao modified SEIKO, a SKX007K with Yao dial, Orange Monster hands on a Traser bracelet. Watch case and bracelet are PVD coated

Another all black PVD SKX007K with Yao dial and hands

My favorite MOD dial on this SKX007K with black PVD bezel

A bead blasted SKX007K with Yao dial and hands and a black PVD bezel

And to close this picture series, a mystery shot. The reflection was just too good to be passed

A special portrait of the owner of this great SEIKO collection: Mr. P.Y. Lee

I am sure Lee will surprise me with another great collection next year!

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, November 2005