BKK WIS Meetings:

Meeting Siam Naliga* Friends, March 31st 2002

What a great meeting: Khun Savas brought along his heavy artillery (2 Langes, 2 Vacherin Constatins, 2 Patek Philippes, an amazing Blancpain Perpetual Calendar, a Stainless Steel Daytona, this time the old model and ... and ...) and this was as usual the icing on the cake.
But this time's guest of honor from Phuket, Tommy T.S. really surprised us. Not only kept he pulling amazing finds of his watch trip to Bangkok out of his black bag, but also with his artistry of opening watch cases. From "Do you want to see the movement?" to actually seeing the movement, it took normally between 10 and 20 seconds...truly amazing.
And these were only the highlights, but I was really excited about this meetings activity, the speed was amazing, watches kept surfacing and one could hardly keep track what was coming and making the round on the table.
Another result of this meeting is: I will start going to Jatujak, I have to see those vintage watches there ;-) Yeah, I guess it is time to dive into that abyss ;-)

Thank you everybody for very pleasant 3rd get together!

And now on to the pictures:

Greg at "work" checking out the Flightmaster

I met Greg just when arriving at the Hotel entrance and thus we had time to inspect our watches in time...and finally I could check out the nice 4S15 of the Seiko Brightz and play with the T-Touch, fantastic and amazing is the Compass function, works so quick, one almost forgets that the hands are driven electronically

As usual, the famous black leather bag of Khun Savas with a couple of Langes ,Vacherin Constatins and Patek Philippes and the whole thing a bit leveled with an Eterna Kontiki Vintage, a Seiko 5, a Citizen Tough, an Epos and at the end of the picture the 'gravity' increases again ;-)

Tommy kept unpacking and unpacking from his magic black bag and at this time, most watches were on the table

Do you want to see the movement? It takes Tommy about 10 seconds to remove the case back with his magic rubber ball! Here is Step 1: placing the rubber ball on the case back...

Step 2: One quick twist of the rubber mass

And le voila! Step 3: the removed case back of the Seiko Bellmatic Caliber 4006 from the 60ies...Tommy is a magician!

And because it is so easy, Tommy just kept opening and opening his watches, this to me was the most amazing memory of this 3rd BKK WIS Meeting. Tommy has really amazed us with his artistry in opening watches with his magic rubber ball! Here is an Universal Polerouter Microrotor.

And last but not least, the whole group that evening, not as many people as before, but a lot more watches then ever before!

Outlook: 4th Meeting on April 28th 2002
I am really looking forward to the next of our monthly meetings. Chris who was driving back from his weekend out of town did not make it back today and will bring his new Chronomaster with display back hopefully to the 4th meeting. That is a hint Chris ;-)

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi

PS I felt a bit bad for the Hotel Regent that did not only provide us with a lot of space and an excellent service as usual, the total consumption was only THB 1'500, an equivalent to USD 34 and we were blocking quite a bit of that great lobby for 4 hours! Very generous indeed. Well, as long as they accept my reservation, I guess we should be alright.

PS 2 If the case back sits really tight, e.g. on a new watch that was never opened since it left the factory or if a watchmaker tightened the case back (in my opinion many people close watch backs too firmly) very firmly, then of course BlueTac (that is the name of the Australian product normally used as poster sticker, you just tear a bit of, form a little ball and then press and flatten it and you will have a nice poster sticker) will not be able to open that case back, a real case opener will be needed.

* Siam is the old name for the Kingdom of Thailand, Naliga means watch or clock in Thai. Siam Naliga is the name of a very popular and busy Watch Forum in Thai Language, Tommy T.S. is one of the founders, punkky is the great Administrator of this board. Mostly in Thai Language, but English language posts very welcome.