Auguste Reymond, Tramelan, Switzerland
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The company ARSA (Auguste Reymond Societe Anonyme) makes Braille and Low Vision watches and their website is here

Auguste Reymond "Ragtime", MSRP EUR 450
Caliber ETA 2824-2
Front Dial Packaging Back Case Display Back Movement Super Luminova Wrist Wearer's View

Tramelan is in the Bernese Jura, in the Watch Valley. The link open a nice website dedicated to the valley where most Swiss watches are produced
I had followed this brand in each Wrist Watch Annual since 2001, when I was drawn into the whirl of internet watch communities. I had always liked the brand because it seemed small, independent and often had "art related watch themes".
The founder Auguste Reymond was obviously interested to create watches for visually handicapped (I almost count myself in this group with my worsening eye sight, I am far sighted, but the focal distance seems to move more then the rule of thumb "1 cm with each year of age") and the blind.
Auguste Reymond was also an early adaptor of the "wrist watch revolution". The origins for the wrist watch for the general public (excluding those produced by e.g. Breguet for royalties much earlier) lay in the German jewelry industry that recognized and acknowledged the trend that watches will be worn on the wrist rather then in the pocket as one of the first countries. Auguste Reymond was one of the first Swiss brands to offer this new style of watches. Also ARSA (Auguste Reymond Societe Anonyme) was offering water resistant watches with shock protection at a time many companies still believe that these typical "wrist watch" features were not that important. Auguste Reymond died shortly after World War II in 1946. The current owner seems to be Mr. Thomas Loosli. Interesting is also that the A. Reymond manufacture created the watch calibers that became famous under the name UNITAS. Today ETA is about to change the caliber names from Unitas 6497 and 6498 to ETA 6497 and ETA 6498 respectively. These two calibers are powering the majority of hand wind oversized wrist watches and this caliber is almost a standard today for pocketwatches.