Auguste Reymond Caliber ETA 2824-2, 2006

Never, never go to a watch fair with your credit cards...
I went to the Bangkok World Watch Fair 2006 at its new location at the Siam Paragon shopping mall for the second time. The first time I spent only 90 minutes to get a good overview. The second time I had planned to LOOK at some watches more closely. An exciting offer on a Frank Mueller Casablanca gave me a bit of a headache ;) that I had to flush away with a Cappuccino.
After the coffee break I continued to look at all the very expensive and not so expensive watches. The watch bug was already at work by then and when I found this beauty on the lowest shelf that you will only see if you kneel down, I was lost. My first Auguste Reymond watch, and I could not be happier! 40 mm diameter, 10.7 mm high. That is quite remarkable given the watch houses "only" the 5.6 mm high ETA Caliber 2824. Due to the printed ARSA logo on the inside of the display back, I had first hoped it was a 2892. The easiest test if you can not see the rotor screw is to wind it. The 2892 winds with a sweet sound and almost no resistance. The 2824 winds with a relatively "scratchy" sound and more winding resistance. Still, I could not be happier! This is a lovely 60 gram vintage looking watch. The biggest surprise was to discover that the hands and numerals were painted with Super Lumnova. The watch really glows amazingly in the dark and there is no need to "charge" the lume with a torch light!