Alarm Chronograph with INDIGLO Backlight

No software geek wants to work in Findlay, Ohio! Why?
OK, you might say, what does this crappy watch do here? But consider this, this was one the first INDIGLO watches at USD 9.99! In 1996 that was a big hit and I still remember the fun I had to play with this watch in my motel room in Findlay. Anybody knows where Findlay is? ;-) The software company I was visiting there was telling me, that the biggest problem for recruiting people was that there was little nightlife and entertainment in Findlay except a Pub named Waldo Pepper. A great pub by the way! Also I found that there were a couple of nice restaurants around Findlay. Of course younger software cracks prefer to big city's lights most likely, especially if they are without a family.
So, buying that watch and playing with it during the commercials on TV does make sense, right? Sorry a dead battery again, but in the mean time we have Eco-Drives with EL Backlight? And that is only 6 years later.
In March 2006 I reshot the pictures, I put in a CR 2016 to quickly check on the display and the EL Backlight, and it seems that this China Made watch is of a good quality. The watch jump started nicely and the EL Backlight lit the display without any dark spots. See the EL Backlight shot please. I am quite impressed with this quality, the Timex purchasing department chose a good manufacturer for their Aqua line of watches back in 1996. The only little defect I noticed was that the lower right (most likely non-functional) rivet (just above the "Co" of the copyright watermark has started to corrode, you can not the white crystals around the rivet. I am not even sure whether the metal has corroded or whether this is simply the glue. Because I think these four rivets on the front are simply stuck into the top of the case for decoration.