This picture shows the true color of the Sandoz ETA 2824 movement. As usual I took the pictures swiftly, I was in the process of disassembling the watch and did not care too much about the photos. I was at the (night) time more concerned not to leave any marks on the watch and disassemble and reassemble it properly.

The tone of the gold color is really nice, looks like pink gold. As mentioned before, I am not 100% sure whether this movments are really gold-plated and until then I will just call it "gold colored" :-)

A view of the rotor and the real focus of the picture is on the winding wheels. A close-up of the winding mechanism follows later.

The alert observer may notice that the regulator is about 2 ticks on the slow side. That watch was running slow, so that besides my curiosity was another reason to open it. I adjusted it to the middle between plus and minus and now the watch runs around +6 seconds per day.

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