The hands are nice but not great, the luminosity is however excellent, comparable to a Seiko SKX007K2 (the classic Diver's) or similar Seiko Diver's.

The quality of the hands is also comparable with the Seiko one's. The hands are cut out, but the sides of the hands are not polished like on the Seikos. You get an idea of what I am talking about if you look at the left flank of the hour hand. I also noticed a couple of scratches on both center rings of the hour and minute hands. This does not really matter, since those center parts are hidden by the second hand which did not show any scratches. But of course to a WIS anything matters :-)

I am always describing what I see or feel, I am not trying to use this article to boost my Sandoz Submariner-like sales. Thus I will frankly tell what I like and what I did not like. The hands are OK, but compared to the case, spacer and movement definitely lower quality and about the same league as the hands on a Seiko Diver's for about USD 150.

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