I told you I was rushing the shots, I spent have night disassembling the watch and wanted really to concentrate on the watch rather then messing up the watch and creating great shots. I guess that is the secret of a team like Paul Delury and Rob Berkavicius, one creates really beautiful watch shots and the other takes care of the watchmaking. Now that should be enough excuse on this dial shot with too much light :-)

The dial plate is nice and thick, made from brass. The dial legs are also nice and thick. The dial is thicker then Seiko dials I have handled and leaves a very solid impression. The cut-outs for cannon pinion and date window are very nicely done, all in all a positive surprise once more.

So much about the good part. I find it a pity that Sandoz does not make more out of such a nice dial plate. The blue coating with the sun burst patttern is great, but the printing is in my opinion just average. Judge yourself going throught the following close-ups from dial sections.

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