This is the "victim", a 40 mm Sandoz Submariner-like 100 m WR watch. Not a diver strictly because of the water resistance. Real diver's have a 200 m water resistance. Some people say this is a disadvantage of the Sandoz especially when compared to the Invicta, but for the majority of us the water resistance of 100 m is sufficient. You can snorkel, swim, shower, was your car to name just a few "wet applications".

This is interestingly the Submariner-like that has been sold the most. Quite surprising actually, I added the black face black bezel to my sales site first and then later saw this nice changing blue in the shop. And then the blue Submariner with satin brushed bezel became the Submariner-like bestseller.

Dimensions (mm):
Case diameter ( 40
Lug to Lug: 48
Height: 11
Lug width: 20
Bracelet tapered 20 to16

Please see more pictures of the assembled watch here, use the back button of your browser to come back here and continue the tour please. Please also note that the blue dial Submariner-like is sold out right now, it is unclear when new supply will be available. I called Sandoz Far East Co. in Hong Kong, they did not know and said something like "in a couple of months".

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