The luminosity of those new hands is great. The fine tip of the minute hand has a perfect length and has also another advantage, it does barely block the weekday window. And what it gives the watch a really different and great look! And that was the major reason to go for those hands. It is now something really special and unique.

I am very happy with my "new" Cosmo King and I have to thank all visitors that supported my decision with great feedback on January, Monday 13th 2003 on the "Poor Man's" Watch Forum. This was a great collaboration, experiment and a lot of fun. Thank you everybody for your feedback and help! It was a really great experience.

Best regards

Reto, Bangkok, January 13th, 2003

The Story goes on!
Just before Christmas 2003 I noticed a friend having problems reading the time from the new hands below in low light. Not dark, otherwise the lume would have been sufficient. And on December 25th I made myself a "budget" Christmas gift... click on the pictures to go on please ...

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