I was indeed able to straighten the hand almost perfectly, but the bending had damaged the chrome surface. The hand could have been saved with a polishing machine maybe. But most likely the chrome layer would have gone off at the area where the hand was bent.
Thus I decided to get rid of all the black paint and now I need a very small file. I cut a strip of glass paper 1.5 mm by 10 mm and glued it on a match with super glue. That little tool allowed me to file off the black color from the black. The problem really was that I decided to keep the luminous paint at the tip of the hand. So I careful filed off the black paint on the back. I cleared the black paint in the slot of the hand with the smallest Bergeon screw driver (0.5 mm), carefully scrubbing every bit of black paint out of the slot. Of course most of this work had to be done under the Stereoscope. Without that instrument, I would have had no chance to proceed here.

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