Inside a Titoni Cosmo King Day-Date, ETA 2834-2

Two reasons to open this watch that was on my wrist 3 weeks at the time I decided to open it. First, I wanted to see what TITONI really does to the ETA movements and second, the hour hand was slighlty misaligned at the full hour, about 2 minutes and 20 seconds slow. Of course a normal watch user would not bother about the second reason, but we are WIS, so that is something entirely different

Note: I have not found another Titoni with a misalignment. So this was just my bad luck and your good luck. Because if I would not have been fussy about that 20 seconds misalignment, this story would not have been documented. Please also note that a 20 seconds-misalignment (the minute hand is 20 seconds too early or too late exactly on the hour index) is well within the tolerances of the watch manufacturing for watches below USD 5'000. Only for more expensive watches where human and manual quality control is possible you can expect a 100% perfect alignment.

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The story about the misalignment of my Titoni Cosmo King Day-Date ...


Misalignment Zoom

Misalignment at Night

Open Watch

The 2834-2 by TITONI

Case clips and Stem off

The empty Case

Close-up of empty Case

Close-Up of Balance

Close-Up of Rotor

Trying to Shortcut !@#$!@#$!@#$

The bent Hour Hand


Finger Cots

Hands Lifter and Hands

Hour Hand Rodico...

Straightening the Hand

Getting rid of the black Color

Fiberglass Pen and Arkansas Stone

Shot of the Dial Side

The Dial

Dial Underside

Day and Date Rings

Perpendicular View

Hands aligned

The many colors of the "new" Hour Hand

Another shot of the Hour Hand

The Ebay Photo :-)

The Workbench after the Battle

New Hands to choose from ...difficult decision

Dauphine Hands? - Too Short

Hands close to Original? - Well almost!

Classic Hands? - Yes! I am so excited to have a "new" Watch now!

"New" Watch on Wrist! - The Happy End
A second Pair of new Hands and a great Trick how to protect the Dial when lifting off Hands!
The second Happy End!

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, January 11th, 2002, Bangkok

Another pair of new hands added on Christmas Day 2003, please see the last two pictures for the current hands on this Cosmo King that seems to have become an ongoing watch project