On the 24th I had been looking through this article and been correcting a couple of typos. And then I found this pair of hands in the article and the thought of putting those on was not going out of my head anymore.
On Christmas day - with the rest of the family visiting "Safari World" - I finally could not resist. After 45 minutes the hands were exchanged and I am very happy about this "very Poor Man's" Christmas gift.

By the way: just learned this neat trick from Rob. Take a zip-lock bag or a sheet of plastic and cut out a small piece with a slot like in the picture below. Trust me, removing hands - even from glossy black dials - will become a very stress-free experience. I am always a bit nervous when lifting off the hands. But I learned about this trick about a week ago when servicing my Rolex Cal. 3035 together with Rob. Now that is really a great and stress reducing way of getting the hands off!

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