A.Schild Alarm Watch Cal. AS 5000

The NOS I am most proud of
I was in the shop and looking at a Tissot watch when the shop owner felt that I might have an interest in NOS (New Old Stock) watches. He had a rather large briefcase full of those NOS watches noboby wanted. Today I regret, that I did not buy the whole briefcase :-) The watch contains the famous AS 5000 buzzer with the loud snarling tone one finds in so many watches. Also the Poljot 2612 Alarm movement is built on this caliber's design e.g.
Around 2 years later I was looking again for a Tissot watch in another part of the city of Zurich and entered a watch shop while I was wearing this Alarm clock. I put it off to try on the Tissot Chronograph and the shop owner almost started crying. He told me that he was an apprentice with the A.Schild company back in the 50ies and told me about the good times there. He was so happy to see a watch from "his" company.
By the way you could see from the company's logo A.Schild's ebauche manufacturing heritage. Most calibers produced in Switzerland bare a very similar stamp on the movement, just the letters within denominate the different origins. See a close-up of an ETA logo here.

Interestingly the movement in this watch also served as a base for the Poljot Cal. 2612 but I have to take of that octagonal yet. But since this watch is in 100% condition, I am still a bit hesitant. Maybe later :-) Until then, have a look at the 2612 please.