In 1986 Timex introduced its "Ironman Triathlon®," jointly devised by serious athletes and industrial designers. Within a year, the "Ironman Triathlon®" became America's best-selling watch
(from Timex website)

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Table of content

1. Timex History

2. Timex Ironman History

3. Ironman Time Line

4. Datasheet for submission for this Time Line

1. Timex History

Most people are surprised to learn that the TIMEX history dates back to 1850! Maybe TIMEX should use that year like some of the Swiss brands do? Most people also do not know that TIMEX is most likely the 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world. TIMEX is a privately held company, thus no public figures are available (an article about TIMEX in the International Watch Magazine from August 2006 guessed that position 5). Did you know that the research and development of new Timex calibers takes place in Germany? In Pforzheim, 15 engineers are busy coming out with new exciting developments that will then be produced around the world (China, Philippines) and assembled mostly in Cebu, Philippines. Read more about the TIMEX history>>>

Also please visit Knut's Timex Watch Forum for a lot more information about TIMEX watches and how to date them

2. Timex Ironman History

Why do we need an Ironman Time Line? Most people just drive to Wal-Mart buy a new one and dump the old one on the way out! I read a comment like this on the web and thought that the Ironman model line really deserved an "online museum" or at least a simple page showing and honoring their development. After all, these watches cost very little and last for a long time. So what better place to host such an "online museum" then the "Poor Man's" Watch Forum?
The first Ironman was issued in 1982 and the first Ironman with Indiglo (TIMEX is the inventor of the electro-luminescent backlight and branded it Indiglo, probably from a combination of GLOW and INDIGO) was released in 1992. Since 1986, a huge variety of models has been issued and we try to collect representative models on this page.
For submissions of models, please go here. Provide as much information and pictures as you have. Thank you!

3. Ironman Time Line (reverse chronological order)

Our aim is to document the history of the TIMEX IRONMAN models. Not to list all ever made Ironman models, but to show some for each year and to document their features. In May 2007 I tried to find the age of a metal cased 8-Lap Memory Ironman and was surprised to see that there are hundreds of sites selling the latest IRONMAN models, but almost no historic information. And that is why we built this time line. We are an independent watch forum and not affiliated with TIMEX Corporation and the comments to each IRONMAN model reflect the opinion of the owner.

Please note that the PRO and CONS are from the owners of the watches. I normally take them from their emails as they are and only adjust for format.

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The years are separated by horizontal orange lines



Year: I bought this watch in 2007
Model Nr.: T62962
Special functions: Black Fast-Wrap strap, Over-sized digits for better readability All day INDIGLO display and night-light Night-Mode Lighting, 16-hour chronograph with lap and split, 99-lap counter with 8 lap recall, Countdown timer: 10-hour capacity, Dual time zones Month/day/date and 12/24 hour time, Shock-resistant to F.T.C. standards, Water-resistant 200m
Battery, life: CR2016 3.5 Year Battery Life
Caliber (movement): 746
Pros: Easy to read display, comfortable to wear,
Personal memories or notes: While doing some lunch hour shopping I found this watch on clearance at Target Stores.
Price: MSRP US $50. Store priced normally at US $34.95 and I bought it for US $4.34
Owner, picture credits: Bill Price



20th Anniversary Edition celebrating 20 years Ironman models
(not to be confused with the 25th Anniversary edition that celebrates Triathlon/Ironman contests)

Year: 1998

Model Nr: 5H941

Special functions: 8 lap memory, 1 alarm, 10 hour countdown timer, 99 lap chrono, indiglo backlight

Battery life: n/a

Caliber (movement): 746

Pros: Old school orig ironman style except for indiglo feature (the orig had none)

Cons: watch case small and very lightweight

Personal memories or notes: still available at Amazon.com - as of 5/7/07 comes in a nice tin box.

Price: $44.95

Owner, picture credits: Steve Pressl, St Petersburg FL


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    





Modified, second hand removed by owner

Year: Purchased September 2005, but possibly released earlier
Model: T56381, but it has been modified (Timex stock picture of watch is shown, on rubber strap)
Special Functions: Analog and digital time display, auto calendar from 2000 through 2099, two time zones, two daily alarms linked to time zone, three linked countdown timers, chronograph with 42-lap memory
Battery, life: Two batteries, a CR 2016 which I presume is for the digital module, and a 364 for the analog movement; watch is on original batteries which have been in there for nearly two years
Caliber (movement): Timex's part number is M588TH, which encompasses both a proprietary digital module and a Ronda analog movement. The "TH" indicates that the movement was made in Thailand. Note Reto: Ronda is an independent Quartz movement manufacturer from Switzerland, very interesting combination!
Pros: Cool reverse digital display underneath analog hands that can be completely shut off for a very elegant analog-only display, excellent accuracy on the digital side (only about 1 second variance per month), fully-loaded with expected Ironman features, Indiglo backlight, decent lume, parts are cheap ($8 for a stainless steel bracelet)
Cons: Puny analog movement is sloppy and a poor timekeeper (more on that below), reverse display is hard to read in certain lighting, base metal case, somewhat cheesy 0-to-60 fixed bezel, strap/bracelet options are limited due to narrow lug width and case design, out gassing from LCD display and/or battery causes hazing on inside of crystal which requires attention every 8 to 12 months
Personal notes: This is the first watch I modified. I was initially very unhappy with the sloppiness and inaccuracy of the analog movement. The seconds hand was jumpy, didn't line up at all with the hash marks around the edge of the dial, and didn't even think about staying in sync with the digital seconds display, which itself was extremely accurate. I also was annoyed at the hazy film that had formed on the inside of the crystal within weeks of purchasing the watch. Finally, the rubber strap that came on the watch, while comfy and very nicely designed, just wasn't my style. The watch sat, basically unworn, for nearly six months when I finally decided to do something about my unhappiness. First, I bought a bracelet directly from Timex for the insane price of $8 shipped--an incredible value, given its very good construction and appearance. Then I had my local hack-of-a-jeweler put it on, who in the process gouged the sides of the case quite thoroughly. When I got back home, I popped off the back of the case, removed the movement, and then cleaned the inside of the crystal. (Which, as of this writing, has begun hazing up again) Then, using great care and a Leatherman PST multi-tool, I removed the seconds hand. I put the caseback back in place, and the result was a one-of-a-kind Ironman. Timex sells a version similar to this, but the highlights are red versus yellow as on mine, and it has a conventional LCD display with black-on-gray display. Yet, I keep trying to sell it...weird, given the amount of blood, sweat & tears I have in it, eh?
Price: $50, purchased from The Time Factory store in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Owner/Picture Credit: Colby May aka Paperboy Part Deux, Timex (stock picture)


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    



25th Anniversary Edition celebrating 25 years Ironman/Triathlon (old name) contests

Year: 2003
Model Nr:
54581 (mid-size, full size model nr is 54571 with same specs except size)
Special functions
: Indiglo backlight, 30-lap memory 30-split memory, alarm, countdown timer, WR 100 m
Battery, life:
CR 2016

Caliber (movement): 854
Personal memories or notes:
ca. USD 36.99 (US online seller, May 2007)
Owner, picture credits:
Adam in NYC


2003 continued ...


Model Nr:854

Special functions:30 lap, indiglo, 100m

Battery, life:2016

Caliber (movement):


Cons:needs new battery

Personal memories or notes:


Owner, picture credits:Graham Wilson


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    



Year: 2002

Model Nr: NAO8

Special functions: 8 lap recall, 30m water resist, indiglo with an option to increase the time for which it stays on if indiglo button is long pressed for 3sec, the standard 3 timers, single alarm, chime, single time, 12/24 hr option

Battery, life: CR2016, i've owned the watch now for 8-9 years and have changed the battery only once, appx 2 years ago

Caliber (movement): unkown

Pros: very reliable. i'm a motorcycle tourer and have worn this watch on every ride, taking it thru extreme hot, humid, wet, cold and dry conditions. infact i've used it every day since i bought it. there has not been any problem with the time-keeping

Cons: this watch has a grey ring around the screen, that came off around 5 years after i bought it. but by that time this particular model was discontinued. fortunately i had preserved the ring. so the guy at the showroom stuck it back on (minus the rivets) with some superglue.

Personal memories or notes: the ring came off again just recently (in nov 2010). that was when i got a very good experience of the timex customer service. i went to one of the show rooms and gave them the watch. they said that they'll send the watch to the company and try to see if any unused cases of this model are available. a few weeks later i got a call saying that the case of the exact model is not available. however, i had the option of letting them install the movement of my watch in the case of some other model that used movement whose shape and button positions matched those of my watch's model. so now i have a 200m WR (old case was 30m), shock resist (N/A on old case) watch upgrade that i got for a meagre INR 550 (appx USD 11). when i searched online the functions of the watch that Timex actually sells in this case, the only function that my watch does not have is the dual time zone. and who needs it anyway. so i got an awesome deal in the end. impressive.

Price: i'd bought it in 2002 for INR 1300 (Indian Rupies)

Owner, picture credits: comments from Aditya Phadke


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    




Year: 2001
Model Nr: T52222 (or approx)
Special functions: 99 Lap timer, 50 lap memory, iControl crown, alarm, chrono, timer. Backlight.
Battery, life: CR 2016 (Still working after 7 years!)
Caliber (movement): 839
Pros: Sets like an analog watch with the crown. Reliable, good backlight, and nice 42mm size case.
Cons: Narrow lug-lug width (16mm) limits strap choices -- would be great on a nylon!
Personal memories or notes: This was my "overnight call" watch when I was at the VA (Veteran's Hospital). The "nighttime" backlight feature kept the light on long enough for my eyes to refocus on the generous screen. Of course, all the alcohol and other chemicals used during my call have damaged the strap, but it's still held together and has a well-worn sheen to it.
Price: On sale for $25, was $40.
Owner, picture credits: Tom Price (owner)

2001 continued...

This watch was purchased in Spring 2002 from REI, but determined from your chart that it was made in Sept 2001. I am currently trying to find a replacement band, because it broke after 7 years. Great watch! Have attached a better and smaller pic of front and back. I would love to know the model number.

(Editor's note, use the "Poor Man's" Discussion forum to source a replacement band)

Year: Sept 2001

Model Nr: ?

Special functions: iControl Crown, Indiglo, 100 m WR Battery, life: CR 2016, 5 years Caliber (movement): 839

Pros: Streamlined, simple design

Cons: It can accidentally switch functions

Personal memories or notes: Present from now-wife and went through basic training and to Iraq tour

Price: ?

Owner, picture credits: B. Griffith


2001 continued...

Year: 2001

Model Nr: T52551

Special functions: 50 lap, WR to 200 meters, Shcok Resistant and icontrol (did not control an ipod. When you spin the crown the functions would rotate between Chronograph, Timer, Alarm, Date and Time. Once at one of the settings you could pull the crown out and adjust the settings.)

Battery, life: Changed twice since 2001

Caliber (movement): Digital

Pros: Easy to operate and set.

Cons: Hard to find a replacement band.  Not a traditional Timex band.

Price: No idea.

Owner, picture credits: Ron Southern II


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    



Year: July 2000 (the code H7 suggests this, I am discussing the possible year right now with Jim)
Caliber: 839
Personal memories or notes: Hi, Saw your website when I was trying to locate directions for setting the 'day of the week' on my watch. It is old and I cannot find my instructions (nor does timex even reference this watch any more). Bought it at Montgomery Wards, maybe in the eighties?? What makes it unique from others is that it has a rotating ring that changes the modes. It was not a good design, and I think I bought it at half price when they had gone to a better design. It works great, and takes a beating. Just removed a large scratch on the face using toothpaste... that worked great. Good luck with your project. Pictures attached. Jim



Year: 1999 (Timex answers emails, that is great news too!)

Model Nr: John Doe

Special functions: 8 lap memory, 1 alarm, 10 hour countdown timer, 99 lap chrono, indiglo backlight

Battery life: unknown

Caliber (movement): M746/2-2

Pros: the most robust ironman I've seen. All metal construction, has a conventional Steel screwback. The case

and bezel appear to be brass with a thick nickel shell. Solid watch with a touch of heft compared to other

ironman models.

Cons: none really, unless you're an athelete who needs more than 8 lap memory

Personal memories or notes: fast wrap is not original, no known provenance as I just recently bought it used.

Price: original MSRP unknown

Owner, picture credits: Steve Pressl, St Petersburg FL  USA

1999 continued...

Year: 1999
T66801 Flix
Special functions:
Long-wearing polyurethane strap
Over-Sized digits for better readability
All day INDIGLO display and night-light
Night-Mode feature
100-lap memory recall druing chronograph operation with lap and split times

Best lap,average,total segment time & date
Dated training log diary
100-hour chronograph with lap and split
Single button lap reading-automatic release
12/24 hour time. User programmable variable interval training timer:
100-hour capacity

5 programable alarms. 5-min backup alarm
2nd time zone with date
Memo log (10 memos-each have 3 pages)
Water-resistant 100m
Personal memories or notes:
I enjoyed your site. I am currently wearing the T66801 Flix, as I email you, and feel confident it was purchased in 2001 or 2002. I remember not needing a new one but wanting to make sure I still had an Ironman with two buttons at the bottom and they had begun producing the one button models. This model, in my opinion has a flaw---it's easy to "bump it" on a hard jacket sleeve or other object and it will change to your second time zone....It's caused me to be very early on numerous occasions.
Before that I was wearing your model listed as John Doe 3---It was purchased in 1996----I am relatively sure of this particular model because I purchased it after watching the season opener of 3rd Rock from the Sun and I just looked up what year that show aired. I remember this too, as a fight with my partner ensued over why I needed a new one as my original was still working and I was wearing it----because all the paint was worn off--duh. John Doe 3 was scratched to DEATH in a bike wreck.
LOL---I still have my 1986 model and after seeing your site today I have taken it out of the drawer and am going to lovingly buy it a new battery and band tonight!! I actually like it and the "John Doe 3" better because they are thinner and less bulky than the Flix and the current Ironman. Don't sue me on accuracy but it's the only watch I've worn consistently since 1988 and perhaps my year dates will at least give you something to work with. Thank you. JB Beale

1999 continued...

Year: 1999

Model Nr: T66801 Flix

Special functions: 100 Lap and split times

Battery, life: CR2025, about 8 years on each battery

Caliber (movement): Digital

Pros:  It has given me 14 years of service.

Cons:  None

Personal memories or notes:  I have used Quicken since 1993 and a quick search shows I purchased this watch July 30th 1999 at a mall store called “It’s About Time” … 

Price: $65

Owner, picture credits:  J. Page



*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    




Year: 1998 (Purchased new from "Service Merchandise Co." on 3/99)

Model Nr: 854

Special functions: Real-time calendar clock, Second time zone, Countdown timer, Daily/weekday/weekend alarm, hourly chime, Chronograph with 30 lap/split storage, INDIGLO night-light with Night-Mode feature.

Battery, life: CR 2016, replaced twice in past 13 years

Pros: Easy to see

Personal memories or notes: Used exclusively for running / bicycling. If Battery is weak you will see an error code of 8540 10 over 30. I thought my watch had gone bad when I was recently replacing the batteries until I realized that I had bought these replacement batteries about 4 years ago. Even though they showed a strong 3 Volts on my tester, a new replacement battery resolved the issue.

Price: $52.98

Owner, picture credits: Marc Bourassa


1998 continued ...


Year:F9 (1998)

Model Nr:746

Special functions:8 laps. 100m, indiglo, 20th anniversary edition (of Ironman races)

Battery, life:cr2016

Caliber (movement):

Pros:Original strap

Cons:strap cracked. Needs new battery

Personal memories or notes:


Owner, picture credits:Graham Wilson


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    




More pics from my private collection site>>>

Year: 1996 (purchased in 1998)

Model Nr: T77711 (according to sticker on the watch box and price tag)

Special functions: Indiglo back light, 8-lap memory, 99 round counter, 2 alarms, countdown timer

Battery, life: e.g. a whopping 8 years on a CR 2016 with very little use of the Indiglo back light function and alarm, WR 200 m

Caliber (movement): M746/3-1

Pros: Great, light and very comfortable sports watch. Big and easy accessible pushers. Thanks to a resin case, quite audible alarm signals.

Cons: Strap has become a bit sticky, difficult to clean, not idea for a sports watch. Buttons look like they would not survive 8 years if the watch was really used very often. Mine looks like new, because I have worn it like a Patek Philippe with utmost care.

Personal memories or notes: I purchased a Timex in the USA in 1996 (Data Link) and then gave it to a young boy who was really fascinated with the flashing bars used to synchronize PC and watch. So I gave that Timex-Microsoft DataLink away and thus needed a replacement. I liked the quite unusual color combination on this one.
Price: Street price ca. USD 50 (bought in shopping mall Bangkok for THB 2040 after discount 20%)
Owner, picture credits (if not owner): Reto Castellazzi


1996 continued...

Model Nr: 78041 (Resin band) 78047 (Bracelet).

Year: 1996 or 1997, I think it should be 1997, but upon resetting the watch, the date is at 1996, so maybe the module is from 1996?

Special functions: I copied and pasted the below text from the website www.keenansystems.com , where it was selling this watch previously. It basically sums it up:

Ironman Triathlon w/Data Link uses a standard CRT computer monitor to transmit information using light impulses to a light receiver on the face of the watch. The watch comes with its own software, and it also can be used with certain industry standard personal organizer software, such as Microsoft Outlook 98 and 2000. It is not supported by Microsoft Schedule + 7. The Datalink system requires the Timex Notebook Adapter for compatibility with Windows NT or for use with laptop computers and other PCs with LCD screens.

# 100-hour Chronograph with lap and split
# 50-lap memory recall with best lap calculation
# 5 Multi-Mode Countdown Timers with 100-hour capacity
# 10 Alarms for Appointments, Anniversaries or Reminders
# Phone Number/Personal Information storage
# INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature
# 2nd time zone with date
# Up to 38 phone numbers with 15-character messages
# Daily, Monthly or Yearly Alarm Settings with 15-character messages
# Chronograph Label and Lap Storage Requirements
# Customized Sports Timers for Soccer, Basketball, Football and more
# World Wide Time Zone Settings and Watch Options

Battery life: No idea, the watch is from 1997, I bought mine on 20 March 2007 and its still running and Indiglo still works. Uses CR2025 lithium batteries.

Caliber (movement): No idea, but I think it dates to 1996 because a reset will have the watch starts with 1996.

Pros: With all those functions, personal organizer and the cool 'transmitting data via CRT monitor light impulse' thingy, at a retail price of about USD$75/-, this must be one heck of a watch during it's time! It also became the 4th watch (out of the 4) certified by NASA for space missions.

Cons: Except the case back and the innards, its all plastic, I don't think tough like a Casio G-Shock. No experience with the resin band, since mine came with the filmsy folded link bracelet with sharp edges, which I immediately removed and replaced with a nice silicone strap.

Personal memories or notes: Since I got interested in space watches these recent years, I have been on the lookout for one of this, making it a point to check out the Timex display stand whenever I visit a watch shop carrying Timex products. Though I read that its sold out all over for some years since, I had been harboring that wish that I might someday come across one. On some angles the LCD screen turns on a green hue. Now I think back about 10 years and vaguely remember that during either my student or national service days I was lusting for a Timex with a alien-greenish LCD screen (which looks cool to me) whenever I visit a watch shop. I couldn't afford one during those days.

Ten years later, on one fateful day I went out to watch the movie "300" and while waiting for the show time I did some window shopping and saw this watch as a NOS on display in a Citychain watch store! It must be hiding there for the past 10 years! I asked the salesgirl to do a check for me and it turns out to be the last piece the entire watch chain have in Singapore, which is not surprising, since this model had already a became some sort of a collector's item in recent years.

Price: unknown
Owner/Picture Credit: Anton C (watch adapter pic (inset) www.watchoutlet.com)


1996 continued...

Model Nr 78047
Year: 1996

Special Functions

- Requires the Timex Notebook Adapter for compatiblity with Windows NT
- 50-lap memory recall with best lap calculation
- Chronograph Label and Lap Storage Requirements
- The Ironman* Triathlon . watch with Data Link . system is the ultimate sports watch.
- 10 Alarms for Appointments, Anniversaries or Reminders
- It combines the most popular sports features of the Timex Ironman . with Timex's award winning Data Link . System
- 2nd time zone with date
- 100-hour Chronograph with lap and split
- Stainless steel/rubber link foldover band
- INDIGLO. night-light with NIGHT-MODE. feature
- Daily, Monthly or Yearly Alarm Settings with 15-character messages
- Phone Number/Personal Information storage
- Up to 38 phone numbers with 15-character messages
- 5 Multi-Mode Countdown Timers with 100-hour capacity
- This Timex Watch and all our Timex Watches carry a full one year manufacturers warranty

*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    





Year:C2 (1995)

Model Nr:looks like 452

Special functions:8 laps. 100m, indiglo

Battery, life:cr2016

Caliber (movement):

Pros:Cool-looking when compared to modern watches

Cons:replaced strap with non-Timex one

Personal memories or notes:

Price:Not sure, bought it somewhere in England

Owner, picture credits:Graham Wilson




Year: 1994
Model Nr: Unknown
Special Functions: Stopwatch with 8-lap split/memory, three-function countdown timer, daily alarm, hourly chime, Indiglo EL backlight (now defunct)
Battery, life: CR 2016...has been replaced just two times in the 13 years I've owned the watch
Calibre(movement): M731-4
Pros: essentially bulletproof, exceptionally lightweight, standard but partially-hooded lugs accept a variety of straps, easy-to-read no-nonsense digital display, buttons designed for easy activation
Cons: case is a bit small but that was normal at the time of its release...nothing else that I can really think of
Personal memories or notes: This watch was along for the ride on my wedding day and subsequent honeymoon. I have a picture of me and my dad taken as part of our wedding pictures, with him wearing the watch, pointing to it and looking at me scornfully as if to say "You're late again!" This watch and I have been through a lot together, and I'm hopeful that I can retire it soon to its rightful place in my WIS Hall of Fame.
Price: I believe it cost around $40 new...my then-fiancee/now-wife bought it for me at a nearby K-Mart store if I'm not mistaken
Owner, picture credits: Colby May aka Paperboy Part Deux


1994 continued...

Year: 1994

Model Nr:

Special functions: 100M 8 Lap

Battery, life: 2016

Caliber (movement): M731-4

Pros:Near mint condition, although worn by someone. Exceptionally light, almost cheesy feeling

Cons: Minor scratches on some rubber links on the bracelet, some scratches at the bottom of the watch case below the Start / Lap buttons Personal memories or notes: A mystery - I have no idea whatsoever how this watch came into my possession. My wife is a bit of a pack rat, so maybe she found it and brought it home, but she can't recall either.

Price: free

Owner, picture credits: Mike Roeder aka Citromike


*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    





Year: October 1993 (judging by two digit code A0)
Model Nr:
Special functions: 8 lap, 100 metre, indiglo (
Further to my previous email, I've just tried the chrono mode, and it can record 99 laps, not just the advertised 8)
Battery, life: 2016, around 8 years
Caliber (movement): 731-A
Pros: near indestructible and great battery life
Cons: strap wasn't great
Personal memories or notes: my parents bought me this when I was 8 or 9 - around '98, so the shop mustn't have been too up to date. The strap broke after a couple of years of abuse, and it got another few years as a pocketwatch before being relegated to a drawer, battery still going strong. I found it recently, put a new strap on it and a new battery, and it's working like new. Had a look around and didn't see any other red/black models online so figured I'd add to the timeline.
Price: no idea
Owner, picture credits: Sean



Model Nr:721   

Special functions: Indiglo; day calculated from date; 100 lap timer (including average lap calculator); 100m water resistant; dual time zone; memo function; Multifunction countdown / interval; 

Battery, life: two years with regular use

Caliber (movement): Loses a few seconds over a year

Pros: What more could you want from a sports watch! (I'm not into heart rate / GPS watches... tried that and don't get on with them and have returned to old faithful).

Cons: None really. Indiglo drains battery - but most of my running is done in daylight.

Personal memories or notes: Bought in Michigan in summer 1994 when working in US to replace my 1988 Ironman watch.  Back in UK in 1996 I had battery changed in a shop and it stopped beeping.  Shop returned it to Timex (UK) who replaced watch (at least, fascia had lost all its damage!).  I've always assumed that this second watch was newer but number on back (86\) suggests otherwise. Watch is in constant use as my sports watch.  Original strap replaced early on with Animal strap as rubber strap had tendency to get sweaty and unpleasant.  Scrolls details of design team when reset, including the tag line 'it takes a licking but keeps on ticking'.  Watch is, however, a faff to set up again so will provide full text when battery is replaced.

Price: approx 43 us dollars






Model Nr: ?

Special functions: Day/month/date, chronograph, 3 timers, alarm, indiglo and water resistant to 100M

Battery, life: At least 3 years if I don't use the light or alarm very often

Caliber (movement): ?

Pros: Dependable with an alarm and a light for fishing and camping and you can still buy the band for this watch for $10

Cons: Scuffs up easily.

Personal memories or notes: I've owned many over the years and have kept the ones in good condition for my collection.

Price: They sell for $20-$100 on different websites but the new version of this watch sells for about $45.




*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    




Year: 1988 (but see note below)
Model Nr: 484-A
Special functions: Original "8 Lap" Ironman.
Battery, life: CR2016, and "long." It's good for a couple of years or more, depending on how heavy your alarm use is.
Caliber (movement): M484S
Pros: The usual - it's an incredible durable watch. Mine has seen sports & about a decade as carpenter/cabinetmaker. The case is beat up, but not nearly as much as my other tools of that vintage. Remarkable. Also excellent pin strength. I've broken lots of bands, yet never wrecked a pin, or tore a case hole for the pin. It's also proven resistant to solvents splashes from painting and clean-up, and the corrosive aspect of mixing concrete.
Timex deserves an award for getting the interface right. It really is exactly what's wanted for pounding though laps while not thinking too clearly due to sweat and endorphins.
Cons: The lamp of these pre-Indiglo first-generation watches is only barely useful. And, as with all LCD watches of this vintage, it's unreadable at much of an angle.
Personal memories or notes:
1. My caseback is slightly different from the 1990 shown in your 'Undated' section. Mine does not have the battery type imprinted, and my date code, 37, has been overstamped with XX. I've no idea why that is, but I do recall I must have got the watch about 1988.
2. The pictures above depict a watch from 1990. You can see the caseback date code is 61 or 64.
3. That 1990 watch includes the comment "Case: metal (see the screw holes in pic) later ones resin." This is a good guess, but incorrect. The case as shown is indeed a very hard resin. I've tested mine (discretely) with a soldering iron to confirm.
4. These watches are adjustable. Referring to the middle picture above.
See the little screw at the left edge, with the wide tan washer. That's the trimming capacitor. Mine is identical except the washer carries a green position dot. Looks like it was applied with a felt pen.
For adjustment, try small amounts like 1/4 turn. Anti-clockwise seems to set faster, but I say "seems" because some trimming capacitors do both + and - within 360*, with further revolutions being superfluous. Be aware of this and experiment gently.
5. Owners in need of a manual should visit the Manuals & Downloads section of Timex's website. The "8 Lap" unit listed is the second generation with Indiglo, but the functions are nearly identical.
6. I won't bother sending you pics of my typical scuffed-up first-generation Ironman, but I do wish I had a good shot of a riding mate's. His is actually melted, and missing the face button caps. When he was younger it went through the deep-fryer of a best-unnamed international fried chicken outfit. Add years of sports and work as a welder, and his has quite a bit of character now. It still functions just fine.
Price: No idea, but worth every penny after 20 years.
Owner, picture credits: I'm happy to be anonymous, thanks. Everything but my email address can be used in whole or in part for your Time Line or a related forum post. Cheers



Year: 1987
Personal memories or notes: Hi I found your great timeline and thought you would like this photo of my Timex Triathlon 8 LAP. Its boxed NOS from September 1987. I run the digitalwatchlibrary.com and have linked to your timeline in my links section its a really good resource. regards Adam Harras


*1986 - the first IRONMAN model appears

Timex stock photo

Datasheet coming, hopefully...
For now this text from the Timex History (Timex website):
Alone among all domestic watchmakers, only Timex survived the brutal 1970s watch industry shakeout caused by new digital watch technology and fierce price competition from the Far East. Having gradually phased out mechanical watch production in favor of digital watches, in 1986 Timex introduced its "Ironman Triathlon®," jointly devised by serious athletes and industrial designers. Within a year, the "Ironman Triathlon®" became America's best-selling watch and, diversifying into a full line for men and women, became the world's largest selling sports watch, a distinction it has held throughout the 1990s.

*1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008    


4. Datasheet

Please use the datasheet below to submit Ironman information. Thank you. Post them on www.pmwf.com or and drop a line to reto@loxinfo.co.th


Model Nr:

Special functions:

Battery, life:

Caliber (movement):



Personal memories or notes:


Owner, picture credits:

Pictures: Please include Front and Back pictures. And if you can, a picture from the open watch. I suggest you watermark your pictures.