Anyone know what movie these shots are from? >>>
avatarMay 18, 2011 12:07AM
I found these on WUS but got no response there as to the title of the movie. I need that piece (and the actor, if possible). Anyone know?


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Anyone know what movie these shots are from? >>> Jittery Jim2335May 18, 2011 12:07AM
That took only 10 minutes with Google image search, I think it is from the >>> Reto1076May 18, 2011 03:18PM
Nice, Reto! That looks like the one! (n/t) Jittery Jim432May 18, 2011 04:06PM
At least you got the Actor's name, I think Gilles Lellouche is correct (n/t) Reto455May 18, 2011 03:07PM

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