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HOW TO drill additional lug holes (tissot band re-position) >>>

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June 01, 2011 04:50AM
This post is long overdue, but my schedule has severly limited my free time, so I've basically been awol.

Reto asked if I'd try a close up pic of my project and a little more depth as to how I pulled it off. Here goes....

The concept itself and in reality the execution is fairly straight forward, only the risk is significant Eek! I wanted to add new springbar holes higer up on the lugs of my watch so that I could move the strap closer to the dial side of the case.

1. Remove the strap and carefully mark the new holes. I used a simple "jig" cut from a heavy 3x5 card, and made my marks based off of the current spring bar holes and the front edge of the case- so that the holes would have enough material to be secure, and not leaving the strap hanging off the front so to speak. My goal was to have the strap, after instalation, close to flush with the dial side- or a little below, and close to the case without much gap, . This conviently lined the center of the new holes up nicely with the back edge of the case- on one axis and the center of the existing holes on the other, so I had multiple landmarks to key off of. In actuality even afer carefully measuring, and marking with a fine tipped sharpie, I used plain old visualization to be sure they all looked right- and I may have been able to do as good a job just by "eyeballing" it, or using a straight edge to set up a 2- axis intersection. After all it's not like there a lot of real estate to work with!

2. Sit back and look at it oh about 100x and contemplate- do I really want to do this?

3. Tape off the edges of the lugs and check the alignment of the drill, to be sure I wasn't trying to put holes in at too much of an angle. I'm sure we can all picture the drill, when applied at an angle skating off and gouging just about anything and eveything- I know I did I am crying

4. Mock everything up and go-over the "steps" 1 more time mentally.

5. Secure the watch head in a vise- or whatever just tight enough that you know you've got control of that piece.

6. Use a drill punch to mark the center of the desired hole, then check everything again. Center punches come in a huge variety, from nice spring loaded jobbies, to well- a nail. I started the marking by hand- and since the watch is a vintage piece without a hardend steel case I was in luck, I could actually press it in just the faintest amount. Then after confirming that I was actually putting the center in the center, I lightly tapped a deeper mark using a hammer, and then a slightly deeper one by using just a wee bit more force. Yet again the soft case was a real assest to this process.

7. Once the center mark was suffecntly deep to "hold" the drill bit I put the bit in the drill, checked it, and the "masking" of the lug edge. In order to minimize the drill angle (ideally 90 b/w drill bit and drilling surface, but a bit less in this instance) I had to have the smooth part of the bit shaft actuallytouching the lugs. Yikes, but really it helped make everything quite stable.

8. Look at everything one more time- at which point I was actually still struggling to remain paitent- at this point I felt good about it but still had to check Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off

9. Drill the holes, slowly at first, but if you've ever drilled metal you know that too slow dosent work either. I used a slice of tape on the bit shaft to act as a depth guage, so I wouldn't go to deep ~1/16"

10. Finish one with satisfaction, check paitence level, and repeat 3 more times. Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off

The new holes are the ones with the springbar in the photos- I couldn't get a decent pic so I added that for a marker. And obviously this isn't much a "pictoral" but I hope it at least gives an idea of the basic process.

Thanks for the inspiration guys!

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HOW TO drill additional lug holes (tissot band re-position) >>> Jpeg Attachments

Cleans Up5833June 01, 2011 04:50AM

Re: HOW TO drill additional lug holes (tissot band re-position) >>>

jullop87December 15, 2013 05:22PM

Re: HOW TO drill additional lug holes (tissot band re-position) >>>

Anonymous User110March 25, 2013 07:24PM

Thanks for the Update! ! You confirmed..

Anonymous User223June 02, 2011 10:24PM

Ricky, get out the pin gauges some day>>

Anonymous User171June 05, 2011 03:52AM

Thank you! one and all

Cleans Up163June 02, 2011 04:35AM

Great job! Yours looks like it came out better than mine.

Timemiser200June 02, 2011 12:53AM

Well done. I really like that watch Thumbs Up (n/t)

JP198June 01, 2011 02:59PM

amazing good work! (n/t)

DRFP171June 01, 2011 02:49PM

+1 to all the comments so far. Gutsy, determined, and well done! laughing (n/t)

DJM203June 01, 2011 02:16PM

Thanks.Thumbs up! Job well done.Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.182June 01, 2011 01:16PM

Clapping! Clapping! Outstanding work! >>

Anonymous User237June 01, 2011 01:16PM

A job well done, thanks for posting! Clapping! (n/t)

Wycombe244June 01, 2011 10:20AM

Super Topic! Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF155June 01, 2011 06:22AM

Wow! What a ballsy project! Great success!Clapping! Thumbs Up (n/t)

Nuvolari193June 01, 2011 06:17AM

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share this Thumbs Up I really want to add this to the HOW TO drop down menu >>>

Reto178June 01, 2011 05:23AM

thanks boss, if not for PMWF I'd have never tried it

Cleans Up184June 01, 2011 05:28AM

I am very happy to hear that Thank you! Since there is a 5 files attachment limit, I can help you to >>>

Reto200June 01, 2011 05:40AM

I was just rereading your great post and was thinking that they actually should do this >>>

Reto302June 09, 2011 07:07PM

Thumbs up! Good job Smile (n/t)

Anonymous User156June 01, 2011 05:11AM

thanks! (n/t)

Cleans Up165June 01, 2011 05:26AM

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