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How to Repair a Deporte Watch

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August 07, 2012 03:30AM
I own a Deporte watch with three, smaller, inner dials. Day, Date, Moon Phase.

Nice watch. One day, I noticed that it seemed to be missing the crown. I sent it in for a free estimate. They provided the estimate. I asked that they simply return the watch with the crown missing. They did.

I replaced the watch. It sat quietly, untouched and un-ticking in a dark lock box.

Weeks ago I bought a three dollar "robot" shaped watch that was advertised, as, among other things, a "pocket watch" on E-bay.

Truthfully, it's a kiddie watch on a beaded key ring necklace. Equally truthfully, it wouldn't run properly when it arrived, and simply stopped.

I took it to a local jeweler that advertises "free batteries". He tested the battery, and it was good. The watch, as he pointed out, simply would not run. I considered looking for an el cheapo watch movement on E-bay to replace the one that came with it. I yanked the old movement out, not bothering to disconnect the crown, because I had no special tools or knowledge in dealing with crowns or stems. The stem snapped. The movement came out...and started to run perfectly. Apparently the hands were being stopped by contact with the crystal. I spent five dollars for a stem extender, put the hands back on (because I'd knocked them loose and they were rotating freely), and installed the stem extender. I put a little bead of Superglue gel on the metal around the crystal opposite the stem hole and let it dry overnight to produce a non-moving off-set to hold the hands away from the crystal, and the watch has now been running properly for two days. Of course, it cost nearly twice what I paid for it to repair and modify it to work. Still, it's now an eight dollar watch, and it runs, with my keys on the chain looped around my belt and deposited in my pocket.

I mention this to insure that no one who replies believes that I have a great deal of expertise or experience (or anything in the way of special tools). I should also point out that I'm not going to buy a new watch, or pay for a repair that will undoubtedly cost much more than I pay for Chinese watches.

Hence I come to the "Poor Man's Watch Forum" for advice.

This Deporte watch is fairly nice. It was less than fifty dollars with shipping several years ago. I don't know why or how the crown came loose, but I do know that after opening it, it is apparent that if there were a stem fragment left in the watch to which I might have conveniently connected a stem extender, it was gone by the time the watch came back from its trip in for the free quote.

That leaves me with some important questions:

1. How do I identify the stem size and type that is needed for this Deporte watch? (All that I know is the serial number, the arrangement of the dials, which I described above, its rounded, rectangular face, and that it has a Chinese, quartz movement.) How do I choose the right stem and crown, without paying an arm and a leg?

2. If the stem broke off, causing the crown to slide out and become lost with it, how do I know if the stem still has a fragment left in the watch, and how do I make certain that I remove it before I try to insert a new stem?

3. The watch does not run with a good battery installed. I presume that means that the stem may have been pulled out to stop the watch when it broke (or the repair shop left it in that condition if they decided to do a little free stem fragment removal, anticipating that I'd pay for the watch repair). How likely is that? You see, I have some difficulty visualizing how a watch stem gets pulled out far enough to stop the movement, then breaks off with the crown and leaves no fragment internally visible.

4. I have no specialty tools, and don't wish to purchase any. I have some tiny screw drivers from the Dollar Store, and a mouse pad on which to place the watch. If I need a magnifying lens, perhaps I can find one inexpensively, or on E-bay.

5. How do I remove any stem fragment, and reinsert a new stem? How do I know if the repair estimator already released the stem screw sufficiently to yank the stem fragment, before being disappointed by my response to the quote? (I don't know if this has a "stem screw", and I have no experience using one. I did read elsewhere to use 1 1/2 turns to remove a stem. Now I need merely determine if it's a stem or a pin that releases the stem, and locate it, identify if a stem fragment is present, and find the right stem for replacement.) Do I simply try to shove a new stem into the watch via the hole in the case? This watch has the plastic ring holder, so it can be removed. Of course, this time I'd rather not knock the hands off again. (They might not go back on so easily...)

6. I'll probably look for replacement parts (stem and crown) on E-bay, given their buyer protection claims.

7. I sent an e-mail to Deporte asking for the stem and crown models based on the serial number. No response yet. They'll probably ignore me, or insist they can't tell me anything based on the serial number.

8. Anything I might consider trying to fix that might account for the watch not running, if it is not simply a matter of the stem being pulled out?

Thanks for any useful insights!

Oh, yes. One final comment...


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How to Repair a Deporte Watch

ThePoorMan1082August 07, 2012 03:30AM

Pictures are always useful... URL

BobbyMike223August 07, 2012 03:46AM

Re: Pictures are always useful... Jpeg Attachments

ThePoorMan239August 07, 2012 09:36PM

Re: Pictures are always useful... Jpeg Attachments

ThePoorMan289August 07, 2012 10:00PM

Re: Pictures are always useful... I stand corrected! Wink

BobbyMike200August 08, 2012 12:49AM

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