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<<< Beware scammer alert >>> - PSA

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September 12, 2010 08:12PM
<<< Beware scammer alert >>> - PSA

Hello everybody. This post is basically a PSA- (public service announcement) of a bad guy (scammer) I recently had the misfortune of dealing with.
I hope the mods here allow this post to make light of such crimes amongst the boards. I feel there should be place to have such postings to alert
anyone to avoid being scammed and loss of hard earned money. A good/bad guys sticky thread for alerting scammers.

So, I've had some bad luck as of late in my journey for grails.
Against all better judgment and the urge of temptation I succumbed to the hands of a scammer.

I sent off my money to the scammer via bank transfer. Now, no word/reply or tracking, nada. Frown, Sad
I trusted the guy, and assumed all was good as one needs a legit person/account details for bank transfer to be successful. But this guys had the balls to still pull this off.
I was told by bank rep via phone support as transfer gone through, can't reverse. He also suggest I contact the FBI and I've done so with a complaint filed off.

I had a momentary lapse of judgment and did the ultimate noob mistake. Was too good to be true. Frown, Sad I feel so stupid and peeved at myself. Too trusting I guess, but will learn from this experience and hopefully not make another mistake like this again.
I now gone full circle and have tasted the ugly side of this hobby. So will take break from the watch world to recover and reassess the collection.

I hope this post will help someone in the future and bring out such scammers so others can avoid at all costs.
If any one has any advice on how to deal with this person, or can contact him locally perhaps with local authorities to bring this person to justice, I welcome that.
I'm trying to contact authorities in both local and this scammers jurisdictions and have since contacted the FBI on this matter.

I contacted this scammer,Alexander Voorhies via his email, grantvalley@yahoo.com to buy the Doxa watch as posted in the ad for sale.

Our communication was instantaneous and quick to reply up until payment had been made and further inquiries of pending tracking info for alleged deliver of sale of goods, the Doxa watch.
Upon viewing other members posting that this was a fraudulent criminal, due to bad past track record and almost instant banning and deletion of his member account and posted ads, I had
begun to try to contact Alexander Voorhies to address these allegations and the nature of his dealings set forth with me. He did assure me this was not true, but I did believe his word but
He has since disappeared and no contact since. Frown, Sad

I'm not totally sure if all his info given to me is exactly true except for the banking info. But in order for bank transfers to go through to complete, this info must be correct.
So my money did go to a Alexander Voorhies in CA and his contact/bank info is here.

I have made repeated calls,left messages on his voicemail and no replies what so ever.

This scammer, had posted in the sales forums of PMWF.com and Timezone.com. He may have posted elsewhere that I'm not fully aware of now.

He went by the nicknames: speedmister @PMWF and grantmaster @timezone.

His email address was grantvalley@yahoo.com

His real name and info is here:

Alexander Voorhies aka -speedmister, and grantmaster
30300 Antelope Road Apt#611
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 229 7306
His banking is with Wells Fargo in Menifee, CA.

Might I suggest a section for good/bad guys posts as a resource for good reference for those who may need info before they deal.
I wish I had some info on this guy before I got taken. Frown, Sad

Yes, some may say, why did you not think this was a scam? Well, I've had a few sweet deals, and was lucky to find,also thought was too good to be true. And this guy
did provide me with legit bank info which helped make me think he wouldn't risk a scam as he's shared his identity. Just goes to
show, some guys just have got some balls to pull this off.

This was a very sad situation I stepped into, and was very reluctant to post as am very embarassed to admit in being conned. Frown, Sad
But decided to post my story, in hopes some good can come from sharing. All efforts put forth for a positive and constructive result.

If I have violated any forum rules by this post, or offended any persons, I didn't mean to do so, and apologize in advance.

Thanks for reading.

RIP Noah Fuller

<<< Beware scammer alert >>> - PSA

sharkfin1944September 12, 2010 08:12PM

I thought Hans posted a warning about speedmister a while back. Plus>>>

DJM830September 12, 2010 08:21PM

only after my bad deal went through. too late for me. Frown, Sad

sharkfin584September 12, 2010 08:26PM

Ah, that's what I figured. Again, really sorry for you Dave, but thanks for sharing for others' benefit. (n/t)

DJM524September 12, 2010 08:30PM

Make sure to post this report at Watchnet's 'Deal Watch section URL

MCV672September 12, 2010 08:29PM

thanks, will check and post (n/t)

sharkfin494September 12, 2010 08:45PM

that sucks!!! hope there's some sorta silver lining for you (n/t)

Cleans Up463September 12, 2010 09:23PM

Thanks for the warning and the important reminder. I hope you get justice!! (n/t)

John N514September 13, 2010 12:54AM

Sorry Dave, suck-o-ramaFrowning

jeremd676570September 13, 2010 02:25PM

Very sorry to see this !

IF469September 13, 2010 04:41PM

Thanks for the PSA, Dave. I'm really sorry to hear of what transpired! Only one icon will do: Yuk! Puke! (n/t)

Nuvolari512September 13, 2010 07:10PM

Hey Dave also sorry that happened. I had..

ncmoto567September 14, 2010 01:50PM

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