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Liquid Filled Momentum M1

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December 01, 2013 02:20AM
Thankfully I was able to follow in the footsteps of others who have filled a quartz watch with liquid. I'm also learning a little about photography so please excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken for the most part in a home built light box and a 60W fluorescent bulb.

(1) Fluroinert FC-84 (eBay)
(2) Closed cell Viton (McMaster Carr)
(3) 8 oz wide mouth Mason Jar (ShopRite)
(4) Vacuum pump (Harbor Freight)
(5) screw-in brass hose fitting, washers, nut, neoprene gasket (Home Depot)

To prepare the watch make sure it is absolutely clean inside and out, dirt is magnified and shows it way to the crystal (ask me how I know). Cut a 2 mm square of Viton with a new razor, because it is flexible I recommend cutting from each end in order to get a square cut. Towards the end of the cut you wind up pulling the Viton and cannot cut it straight. Remove the movement holder and use some jewelers glue to glue in the Viton (it will float otherwise).

Put the watch in enough Flourinert so that you can turn the watch upside down without exposing it to the air. Place the watch in the Flourinert face up, an pull a vacuum of 27 in Hg, watch the bubbles leave the watch, I waited about 2 mins, turn the watch over with my clean hands and pulled another vacuum. Now insert the movement holder and gently place the case back on the watch, don't screw it down and pull another vacuum.

Now open the jar and screw down the case back with your clean hands as tight as possible. Remove the watch from the Flourinert and use a case back tool to tighten. Done, for my first time it took about 1 1/2 hours to complete this project, I suspect it will be quicker the next time.

The watch is running accurately and has no leaks (2 hours submerged). Although the appearance of the watch was not initially mind blowing it does have an air of quality and is a bit clearer to read, I imagine that under water it will be fantastic. I'm pleased with the way this project came out, I have another watch on its way and am going to experiment with different color dials.

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Liquid Filled Momentum M1 Jpeg Attachments

solex1102December 01, 2013 02:20AM

Some lume shots (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

solex114December 03, 2013 01:36AM

An amazing undertaking with great results! Glad to see you followed through.

Timemiser45December 02, 2013 02:30AM

What a great result for an incredibly ambitious project - great work Thumbs Up (n/t)

Nuvolari46December 01, 2013 07:18PM

Changed the date today with no drama. (n/t)

solex52December 01, 2013 05:08PM

Cool! Thank you for letting us know all the steps and document

carlopmwf27December 01, 2013 04:05PM

Nice work. Looks great. Congrats and enjoy.Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.30December 01, 2013 02:06PM

Awesome. Thumbs Up (n/t)

Anonymous User23December 01, 2013 11:39AM

Very interesting and looks great! Bravo ! Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF21December 01, 2013 05:57AM

Thumbs Up I can definitely see a difference. Great job! smile (n/t)

Zeb25December 01, 2013 04:03AM

That's looking extra-liquidy now. smile

Chris L31December 01, 2013 03:29AM

Yes the dial and hands do look flatter. In the day light the face and hands

solex33December 01, 2013 05:47PM

Wow clapping Marked for Custom Watches by PMWFers as it goes off page 1. I forecast that >>>

Reto36December 01, 2013 03:27AM

some before and after, low angle visibility is up... Jpeg Attachments

solex94December 01, 2013 02:22AM

Quite a difference in the low- angle visibility. >>

Dave M31December 01, 2013 02:01PM

Fantastic, once again Thank you! Dan (n/t)

Reto28December 01, 2013 03:31AM

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