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Farewell Orange Soxa. I am crying Hello Inverse Sinnko! Smile

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April 20, 2011 02:52PM
As I've progressed down the path of WIS-dom, I've started turning over a new leaf. Started with cheap watches, picked up a few RMW's, and now I'm on to modding watches (back to cheaper watches!). The only difference is that this time I'm starting to mod the watches myself, learning how to work on watches.

It started with changing the hands on my Binnacle Anchor. Easy enough change, and it looks great. Totally changes the character of the watch. Next came a movement replacement on a busted quartz watch of my wife's. That worked out OK too, it's ticking away nicely upstairs.

Now comes the next step - wholesale changes of my Orange Super Soxa. In at least some ways now that Noah has left us, I'm sad to have changed this watch around as he built the 6r15 powered Orange Soxa. In one sense it would have been good to keep the watch as it was, a memory and legacy of his work. On the other hand, Noah loved modifying watches, and I'm hoping he would have liked the mod I did. And the Orange Soxa will live again, as I'm keeping all those parts for a future mod.

I've always liked the look of Sinn watches, particularly the 556 / 656 / 657 line. Simple, straightforward, easy to read. Price tag is less than friendly though. Plus they're all black dialed, which is not really my favorite. After browsing various parts from Jake Boudreau and Yobokies, I came up with an idea and a plan for modifying the watch. A white dialed Sinn 657 looking watch. The Inverse Sinnko:

Seiko Sinn Style Mod

The bezel insert, chapter ring, and hands came from Jake, the dial from Yobokies. All the work was done by yours truly. This definitely stepped the difficulty up from the hands change as more care needed to be taken when changing the hands - there's a date change involved as well. Replacing the chapter ring involved popping the crystal out. And there's the matter of precisely gluing in the bezel insert so everything lines up. Plus overcoming bone-headed moves like not removing the caseback gasket when working on the watch. That resulted in tearing that gasket, requiring a replacement.

Still, I like the end result quite a lot. Pretty close to a dead ringer for a white dialed Sinn 657, down to the date window at 4:30. It's got the tried n true hacking n handwinding movement (big plus in my book!), decent lume on the hands & pips above the hour markers, and a watch case which I know fits my wrist very nicely. Plus it's neat to be able to say that you did all that work.

So while it's no longer what Noah built up, the heart of the watch itself is still Noah's doing - he's the one that fitted the 6r15 movement into the SKX007 case. And I'd like to think that I'm keeping his watch modding spirit going.

For reference, here's how the watch started:
Super Soxa on Bracelet

Farewell Orange Soxa. I am crying Hello Inverse Sinnko! Smile Jpeg Attachments

Dre3794April 20, 2011 02:52PM

Great choices, and very well executed. Congrats! Cheers! (n/t)

JFK3531415April 21, 2011 12:10PM

Ye've done Noah proud! Thumbs up!

Anonymous User235April 21, 2011 02:11AM

I've always liked these Sinn-ish mods, & DIY makes it even better Thumbs up! (n/t)

Riddim Driven249April 21, 2011 12:21AM

That's a perfect mod, thanks for the pics! Thumbs up!Thumbs up! (n/t)

Need_Omega192April 20, 2011 08:34PM

Nice work, Dre! I like the clean, simple look! Clapping! (n/t)

MCV326April 20, 2011 07:31PM

Nice combo. Original and well thought out, and executed. Well Done. (n/t)

carlopmwf228April 20, 2011 06:29PM

Beautiful! I love it! Thumbs up! (n/t)

gfbiii51176April 20, 2011 06:27PM

Bravo ! Cheers! (n/t)

IF210April 20, 2011 06:06PM

Great job there Andrej! I love the Sinn look! (n/t)

Timemiser224April 20, 2011 04:09PM

Sinn look, Seiko price. WIN! (n/t)

Dre274April 20, 2011 04:22PM

Congrats on doing this all yourself. You're an inspiration for me!Thumbs up! (n/t)

ErikP195April 20, 2011 04:06PM


Dre171April 20, 2011 04:21PM

Dang, The Dude abides! ...That's SHARP! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Jake B181April 20, 2011 03:49PM

Agreed, I have a feeling this one will stay this way for a while! (n/t)

Dre219April 20, 2011 04:23PM

Nice work.Thumbs up! Congrats. (n/t)

Mark C.186April 20, 2011 03:36PM

Thank you! (n/t)

Dre189April 20, 2011 04:22PM

I like it. Thumbs Up Nice work. By the way, >>

Anonymous User215April 20, 2011 03:22PM

Agreed, both this one and the orange one will stay with me

Dre197April 20, 2011 03:32PM

Great mod Thumbs Up (n/t)

JP182April 20, 2011 02:54PM

Thank you! (n/t)

Dre224April 20, 2011 03:33PM

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