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Man, I don't think Id ever take that one off. (n/t)

January 22, 2013 05:28AM
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Good Morning, Day, Evening! and What are you wearing? today. Here the roads are completely covered with sleet I am angry! Jpeg Attachments

Jan346January 21, 2013 12:05PM

Wow, Jan, that one is simply spectacular! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up DroolingEnvious Had some fun with this one Jpeg Attachments

Nuvolari121January 22, 2013 03:01AM

Love the look of that chrono Thumbs Up I know I'm very late, but I plan to wear this autoquartz chrono this week. Jpeg Attachments

Hector130January 22, 2013 02:58AM

Our roads are clear but snow is on the ground. Orient Star for me. Jpeg Attachments

Kenny L122January 22, 2013 12:42AM

Nice watches today Thumbs up! Hi Jan Smile Couple vintage... Jpeg Attachments

Ethan_Mack95January 21, 2013 11:25PM

German army today Jpeg Attachments

carlos x189January 21, 2013 08:44PM

I like that one. Clapping!Thumbs up! (n/t)

Kenny L65January 22, 2013 12:43AM

Ah, you own an Eichmüller too! Gif Attachments

James T. Kirk©116January 22, 2013 12:03AM

I tracked one down with your suggestions, Johann. Thanks!! (n/t)

carlos x72January 22, 2013 12:34AM

You're welcome, Carloss! Cheers! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©65January 22, 2013 07:39AM

Thumbs Up Roads were hardly better here in the Rhein-Main-area - took me 30 minutes to get the ice off the car.... Jpeg Attachments

Micha145January 21, 2013 08:06PM

I opted for the lazy version and did put a small heater in the car Blushing (n/t)

Jan53January 22, 2013 02:30PM

YSame kind of problems in the southern part of Holland, Limburg etc...

James T. Kirk©61January 22, 2013 12:01AM

Vintage Quartz Aqualand! Image Attachments

Stef G146January 21, 2013 06:16PM

An appropriate watch for Innauguration day Jpeg Attachments

Dre143January 21, 2013 05:09PM

Ultimately cool! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©83January 21, 2013 05:27PM

Working outside and in my shop today so decided to wear something a little more rugged.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike101January 21, 2013 04:58PM

Seamaster Chronograph for me today smile Image Attachments

Jittery Jim109January 21, 2013 04:51PM

Man, I don't think Id ever take that one off. (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot81January 22, 2013 05:28AM

Wow! Drooling (n/t)

James T. Kirk©75January 21, 2013 05:27PM

Thats a beautiful watchThumbs up! Here its bitterly cold but no road problems. Jpeg Attachments

Larry140January 21, 2013 04:32PM

Hmmm, I love Indian food! Not the spiciest dishes, but still the good taste.

James T. Kirk©97January 21, 2013 05:26PM

Hi Jan, a big cover of snow here up north! Image Attachments URL

James T. Kirk©121January 21, 2013 04:03PM

Thumbs up!8926 Sub for Today..... Jpeg Attachments

MCS118January 21, 2013 03:11PM

Well, it's also M.L.K.jr day... Maybe also very significant Smile (n/t)

James T. Kirk©78January 21, 2013 04:10PM

SEA-GULL today Jpeg Attachments

Smaug196January 21, 2013 02:50PM

A classic Cool (n/t)

Jan62January 21, 2013 03:25PM

Cold here too -12C wind at -23C Eek! still no snow I am angry! Orient 40th anniversary today (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

JP90January 21, 2013 02:47PM

Good Morning, Day, Evening! SWEET Jan! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling Starting the week with this... Jpeg Attachments

cmoy102January 21, 2013 02:35PM

Like the strap with that one. Is it the original ? (n/t)

Jan83January 21, 2013 02:43PM

Thanks Jan! This didn't come with the watch when I bought it but... Jpeg Attachments

cmoy112January 21, 2013 02:58PM

and here's a shot with the clasp... smile Jpeg Attachments

cmoy113January 21, 2013 03:00PM

Excellent! Drooling (n/t)

James T. Kirk©71January 21, 2013 04:08PM

Thanks Jim©! (n/t)

cmoy59January 21, 2013 05:01PM

Thumbs up! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Jan80January 21, 2013 03:22PM

I will soon be in search of an orange and yellow version laughing (n/t)

cmoy65January 21, 2013 03:51PM

Great Very Rich Man's Watch! watch Thumbs up!. Wearing Red, White and Blue Caravelle today. Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa107January 21, 2013 02:24PM

Wow, that is a cool model! Envious (n/t)

James T. Kirk©101January 21, 2013 04:06PM

Thumbs up! Never seen that watch before (n/t)

Jan89January 21, 2013 02:41PM

Back to this for one more day Jpeg Attachments

DRFP125January 21, 2013 01:43PM

Thumbs up! Thumbs up! for that Orient (n/t)

Jan74January 21, 2013 02:14PM

that's one sweet looking watch Jan! Jpeg Attachments

jackrobinson106January 21, 2013 01:39PM

Like that combo Smile (n/t)

Jan76January 21, 2013 02:16PM

Noble "beater" Jan smile Good day all - high time to give this one a spin >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto138January 21, 2013 12:40PM

One of my favorites, boss. "Shines like diamonds" indeed. Thumbs up!Clapping! (n/t)

Kenny L59January 22, 2013 12:45AM

Wow, what a beauty, Reto! Envious (n/t)

JohnnyT81January 21, 2013 03:50PM

Real nice Reto Thumbs up! (n/t)

Jan77January 21, 2013 01:29PM

Hello there, Jan! Weather will get better! Great watch!Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

IF111January 21, 2013 12:32PM

Sure it will. Nice Post with a picture Ioannis Thumbs up! (n/t)

Jan81January 21, 2013 12:36PM

Great watch, Jan. Thumbs Up Just stay home 'till it melts. laughing Jpeg Attachments

Dave M121January 21, 2013 12:29PM

Morning Jan. Das ist eine Schönheit! Great day for a Citizen in the US. Jpeg Attachments

JohnnyT112January 21, 2013 03:58PM

That's a great combo. Can stay home now, since I retired 3 weeks ago Wink (n/t)

Jan94January 21, 2013 12:35PM

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