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Nice one smile (n/t)

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February 25, 2012 09:53AM
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Good Morning, Day, Evening! TGIF What are you wearing? Old Rolex here >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto293February 24, 2012 10:28AM

Instead of "Old Rolex" I would suggest "Vintage Rolex". Jpeg Attachments

Kenny L125February 25, 2012 12:25AM

Nice one smile (n/t)

Reto102February 25, 2012 09:53AM

Late to the party. Trying to catch up. Classic good looks Reto! Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser96February 24, 2012 11:40PM

Citizen rectangular eco-drive chronograph today for me>> Jpeg Attachments URL

poywatch162February 24, 2012 10:51PM

Re: Good Morning, Day, Evening! TGIF What are you wearing? Old Rolex here >>>

Poseidon-Jim111February 24, 2012 08:13PM

Steinhart today! Jpeg Attachments

Micha171February 24, 2012 07:53PM

WIS Honeymoon.. Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto128February 24, 2012 08:27PM

Wow, Reto-- that's an iconic look! Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

obsidian93February 24, 2012 05:43PM

Ooh Ahh Thumbs up! Reto! Orange Magellan Today Jpeg Attachments

Riddim Driven121February 24, 2012 03:39PM

I was just looking at those today. (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot90February 25, 2012 05:11AM

Thumbs up! I like the silver bezel with the orange...

Anonymous User80February 24, 2012 04:13PM

Cheers! & double Cheers. I am confused I thought that looked familiar Smile

Riddim Driven78February 24, 2012 04:27PM

Irreantum? I see new brands here everyday! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©127February 24, 2012 04:13PM

Working hard to fulfill my WIS duties Wink (n/t)

Riddim Driven127February 24, 2012 04:49PM

Laughing (n/t)

James T. Kirk©99February 24, 2012 05:56PM

Dressing down with a Bernhardt Anchor today Jpeg Attachments

Dre110February 24, 2012 03:19PM

Thumbs up! on the Anchor! I have just made the connection that...

Anonymous User91February 24, 2012 03:46PM

Cool beans, small world!

Dre111February 24, 2012 05:55PM

Good Morning, Day, Evening! Love it Reto! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling She's back!!!!! laughing Jpeg Attachments

cmoy126February 24, 2012 02:54PM

Was she ever really gone?! (n/t)

Dre89February 24, 2012 03:16PM

laughing (n/t)

cmoy83February 24, 2012 05:45PM

DroolingEnviousI am crying (n/t)

ncmoto80February 24, 2012 03:16PM

Eek! (n/t)

cmoy73February 24, 2012 05:45PM

Drooling Awesome...

Anonymous User96February 24, 2012 03:05PM

Thumbs Up laughing

cmoy98February 24, 2012 05:47PM

Thumbs up! Sharp looking old Rolex, Reto! SKX Soxa mod for me today... Jpeg Attachments

Anonymous User154February 24, 2012 02:31PM

Those look really cool. (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot89February 24, 2012 02:48PM

Thanks! laughing

Anonymous User92February 24, 2012 07:16PM

A true classic (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot87February 24, 2012 02:30PM

seiko samurai for me Blushing Image Attachments

JHustwit146February 24, 2012 02:05PM

nice photo! (n/t)

Julio88February 24, 2012 04:57PM

so sweet (n/t)

ncmoto90February 24, 2012 03:17PM

Plugging the little one into the matrix? (n/t)

jinxed84February 24, 2012 02:57PM

+ 1 Very Funny Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off Thumbs up! (n/t)

Riddim Driven82February 24, 2012 03:22PM

LOL. you're not the first person to see that in this photo..

JHustwit115February 24, 2012 03:05PM

Great pic! He looks like he's bahaving pretty good there. Haha (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot78February 24, 2012 02:32PM

This never gets old wink Sottomarino for me (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

JP114February 24, 2012 01:51PM

An oldie but goodie! Déjà vu all over again, here... Image Attachments URL

Anonymous User111February 24, 2012 01:39PM

Clapping!RL (n/t)

ncmoto107February 24, 2012 03:18PM

Sweet 2-tone Reto Thumbs Up I'm going with this Casio Ana-digi Jpeg Attachments

Hector101February 24, 2012 01:16PM

A, a wave ceptor, that's still on my 'want' list... Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©81February 24, 2012 01:27PM

Gorgeous classic Rolex. Wearing Russian powered "Timetone" today. Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa88February 24, 2012 01:02PM

Looking real good Reto! Thumbs up! Seiko here. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Jimmy5098February 24, 2012 12:57PM

The classic Rolex Thumbs Up Thumbs Up ... This Vostok today smile Jpeg Attachments

Ed Brandwein122February 24, 2012 12:43PM

Thumbs up! Back with the Russians! smile (n/t)

Anonymous User95February 24, 2012 02:32PM

Good Morning, Day, Evening! An oldie but a goody Reto! I like to say Thank you! to Swatch Group Netherlands and... Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©175February 24, 2012 12:10PM

Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto108February 24, 2012 12:47PM

classic looks Hefe' Resco for me Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto210February 24, 2012 11:38AM

Looking good, Reto! Thumbs up! Going with an Alpha today... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

JFK353199February 24, 2012 11:08AM

Nice looking chrono! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Anonymous User89February 24, 2012 02:33PM

A great classic, sir, there!Cheers!Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

IF93February 24, 2012 11:28AM

I'm Drooling Yannis!! I'd love to have another...

James T. Kirk©142February 24, 2012 12:13PM

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