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2009 WIS of the Year: JohnnyT

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Jittery Jim  
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January 04, 2010 01:47PM
PMWF Name: JohnnyT

Photo by Riddim Driven

Preferred Watch Brands or Styles: When I made WOTM in 2008, I preferred whatever Anjan and Rodrigo had. They're still cool watch gods that I continue to follow closely, but I have also moved in other directions. I have been on a crazy-assed roller coaster ride that has taken me into vintages, then Omega divers, then vintage Omegas and more recently I have been very interested in converting pocket watches into wrist watches. Who knows what I will prefer next. One thing is certain. If a person keeps an open mind, there is virtually no end to the fun things we can do with this crazy hobby!

Dream Watch and Link to Picture of it: My dream watches come and go with great frequency and I am somewhat at a loss to name just one. Since my latest interest is in PW conversions, I suppose my number one lust is for a cool watch with a 921 Hamilton movement in it. I am working with a couple of PMWF ers on projects to build just such a watch and hope to have something to show you in the not too distant future. I have long been a huge fan of Dave Murphy and the very cool, clean work he has done on some of his builds and I hope to achieve a similar quality on a conversion. Here are a couple of conversions, from Tourbys and RGM, just to illustrate what is possible.

Favorite Watch and Link to Picture of it: My favorite used to be TMK's Omega SMP Planet Ocean, bronze Bezel, but I bought one for myself and that itch has now been scratched. I am really blessed with many watches that I just love, but if forced to name one or two, I guess today it would be one of these. Be warned though, tomorrow the answer would likely be different.

Omega Memomatic

American Waltham PW conversion

First Watches in the Collection: At the end of 2007 I had two watches, a Rolex, 18k gold Oyster perpetual Datejust and a Seiko SKH676 Kinetic. In January 2008, I purchased an Invicta and an Orient with Christmas money and it took off from there. My collection currently stands at around 40 watches, down from close to 60 earlier in 2009. Here's that first one, now on a brown Lizard print strap. [johnnyt55.smugmug.com]

Favorite Food: Still green chili from New Mexico,..more specifically from Hatch New Mexico. I love that stuff on almost anything, steaks, chicken, burgers, in a stew, on eggs, on almost anything. It’s a cult thing. It also burns twice, double the bang for the buck. You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask Allan Zirlin. He’ll tell you the same thing!!

Favorite Drink: I love beer, mostly IPA. The stronger the better. Also love wine, preferably dryer reds, but many whites OK too. Sadly, I can’t consume alcohol due to a near-death bout with Acute Pancreatitis three years ago. I still fantasize about it though! I still fantasize about having a few cold ones with Greg Honeycutt along with one of his masterpiece meals from his grill. Mmmm!!

Collects mainly: I love variety in watches, for them to feel that today’s watch is vastly different from yesterdays and tomorrows will be very different from today’s.My current hero collector is ken (NcMoto). His collection is sick and grows every single month. I also love IF's collection, for its eccentricity and uniqueness. Then there's Ricky Lee, who can create something out of nothing, and does so daily. How about Chris L, with an entire Russian fleet complete with its own Admiral! How cool is that!! My own collection is heavily into Omegas, divers and vintage. I am also growing a fairly decent sub-collection of mods, builds and conversions.

WIS since: I’ve been showing off my watches in photos ever since I was a buck private in the diaper brigade. Didn’t realize I was doing it, but the evidence is there, in pictures of me throughout my life. Started lurking PMWF In December 2007 and registered in January 2008. Before that, found myself heading straight for the watch counters at every store and didn’t know why, just figured I was a creep! I probably was, but now I fully understand this is the larva stage of a WIS! I am still on a steep growth slope in my WIS'dom, and loving every day of it.

Link to Homepage or Favorite Watch Link: www.johnnystraps.com It is in need of updating, but please drop in for a visit!

Age, Family: sixty-four, married over 40 years, have three adult children and six grand children. It is finally starting to sink in to my whole clan that from now on, including when I die, there’s no more money from me, only watches! They're starting to get cool with that! Lol

Profession: Strapmaster Supreme!! laughing
Retired from the University of California and from AT&T where I alternated between jefe, patron and gopher in many functional areas, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Facilities Management, screw the workers, etc. Now I just hang out, make straps and play with my watches.

Lives in: A constant state of excitement! No kidding, even at my age, my movement just beats faster! Reside in Pleasanton, California, born in Santa Fe New Mexico and have also lived in Colorado and New Jersey plus in three cities in California.

Other Passions and Hobbies: Most of my life revolves around my family and I am most passionate about life with them. Close behind I love Watches, music and crafting leather watch straps. Did I mention reading? Still trying to read through all 80 or-so of the Pulitzer Prize winners and have also read the bible at least a couple of times. Unfortunately much of it didn’t stick! laughing

Favorite Quote: I still like “Every day above ground is a good day.” And I am having a grand old time, every day!! I'm thinking that one of these days I will have a bad one just to see how one feels. I want to believe that I also pay a lot of attention to how I conduct myself with others. This is probably the most important thing in my life, even in our cyber world of PMWF. My hope is that you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours, and that you look forward every day to signing in and just hanging with the coolest WIS's in the universe. Peace, Brothers, be well!!

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Jittery Jim2587January 04, 2010 01:47PM

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